Gavigangadhareshwara Temple – Bangalore

This is an ancient temple located in Gavipuram near Basavanagudi, Bangalore in Karnataka – India.  Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.   Here in this temple Shivalinga is located inside a cave cut out of a monolithic rock.  This temple is visited by thousands of devotees all around the year.  This place is also called as Gautama Kshetra as Sage Gautama performed penance and worshipped lord Shiva three times a day.  Sage Bharadwaja has also performed penance here.  Surrounding Shiva Linga inside the Cave Temple, there is a small way to go around (do pradakshina) the shiva linga and also  Parvati and Durga images.  Inside this way surrounding main deities, images of Sage Gautama, Sage Bharadwaja, Agnimurthi, and also images of saptha matrikas are installed (Brahmi, Maheshwari, Vaishnavi, Indrani, Kaumari, Varahi, and Chamunda).  Sculpture of Nandi (Vehicle of Lord Shiva) is there in front of Shivalinga inside the cave temple.  This temple is believed to be very powerful and lot of devotees come here to get their beloved deity’s worship done.  Other deities images installed here include Ganesh, Chandikeshwar, Subrahmanya, etc.


Sunrays Illuminating Lord Shiva on Makara Sankranti

Thousands of devotees visit this temple to witness a special occasion of falling sunrays on Shivalinga after passing through the horns of Nandi.  Sunrays pass through an arch outside and then pass through window and then fall on Shiva Linga.   This can be seen for around one hour.  Various television channels live telecast this unique phenomenon.

How to reach:

There are several busses which come from majestic and also K R Market to Basavanagudi or Hanumanthanagar.  It is very nearby basavanagudi.   Around 3 Km from K R Market.

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