Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple – Girinagar

Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple is located at Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Girinagar- Bangalore.   As the name itself says the Hanuman here is considered to be fulfilling wishes of his devotees (Karya – means any wish; Siddhi – fulfilled).   This hanuman image is installed by Sri Ganapathi Sacchidananda Swamiji.  Hanuman is a monkey god who served Sri Rama as his servant and took a very important role in Ramayana by locating wife of Sri Ram (Seetha) and also fought against Ravana who was the emperor of Lanka.  Hanuman is worshipped in several forms such as Veera Hanuman, Panchamukhi Hanuman, Shanti Hanuman, Prasanna Anjaneya, etc.  Temple also holds images of Anagha Devi Sametha Sri Dattatreya, Lord Shiva, Ganapathi, and Navagraha Gudi (small shrine).

Thousands of devotees visit the temple everyday.  At all the time, temple is crowded and one can see lot of coconuts tied around the temple.  This is because of “Poorna Phala Samarpana”, a type of pooja prescribed at temple for fulfilling the wishes.  This should be done in a prescribed manner.

Poorna Phala Samarpana (Poornaphala Deeksha)

Devotees can offer poorna phala (coconut) to Lord Anjaneya for the fulfillment of their wishes.  The process of following this “Poornaphala Deeksha” is as follows: Devotee has to make a sankalpam (make a wish in front of the god) and tie the coconut with its outer shell (poornaphala) at the temple.  Devotee has to chant Karyasiddhi anjaneya mantra everyday 108 times and do 41 pradakshinas twice a week at this temple during this course of 16 days.  Alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian food has to be stopped during this period.  On 16th day, this coconut which was tied has to be removed and offered to lord and it should be utilized to prepare some sweets and should be distributed among family, friends, and relatives.

How to reach:

From Majestic any bus going towards Girinagar (36 A/B).  Also, can go to “Seeta Circle” any 43 series/45 series busses will go Seeta Circle.  From there, temple is around 0.5 Km.


Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Ashrama

3rd C Main, 7th Cross, Girinagar 2nd Phase

Bangalore – 560085

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233 Responses to Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple – Girinagar

  1. Dr. Sai Deepa says:

    Remarkable. I reside in the US and a Medical Doctor by Profession. My husband Dr. Amit Vasudevan is Post-doc and I have 2 sons – elder son Sai Arjun ages 4.1/2 years and younger son Sai Akshay aged 2.1/2 years. My In-laws who stays at Bangalore did the pooja here in this Karyasiddi Temple for me to get my residency in Pediatric. Amazing the pooja done by my In-laws was accepted by Anjaneya and he bestowed on us our desire and I got into the Residency Programme as I had dreamt & wanted. I have decided to donate whatever I can for the purpose of Annadanam and have already started doing it. I wish and pray to Anjaneya that our family should always has his blessings for good health, wealth and prosperity.

    With great respects to the almighty and all the seniors I end this note. Dr. Sai Deepa – C/o. Mr. S.Vasudevan, 806, 2nd Stage, 4th Main, `A` Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560 010. Tel Nos: (080) 2357 – 7513 / 2337 6270. Cell No. (0) 9341271109

    • Awesome!! Have you ever got a chance to visit this temple?? Its really nice to see your comments that you got blessed by Karyasiddhi Anjaneya.. Let people get the blessings of Sri Anjaneya as much as possible.

    • padmaja says:

      My self and my daughter have been going to this temple for the past 1 year.She did the poorna phala seva after her 12th std exams and she stood first in Bangalore in her stream.I am totally convinced of the power of this place. Temple is really beautiful and peaceful. there is no over commercialisation of any kind.My daughter has appeared for her C P T exam for C A and expecting result today. I wish the grace of Hanumanta is always on her and our family and all the devoties for ever.
      Jai Shree Anjaneya.

    • Rajesh says:

      This is Rajesh, started poornafalam Poorna falam 0n 25th May, my puja will get ovr on 9 June. I have gone through many comments and learnt from many devotees that they chanted 108 times mantra during 16 days. However, chanting mantra for 108 times is not mentiond in Temple. Had you also also chanted 108 times mantra for 16 days?


    • pooja says:

      Dear Sir,
      I completed the Poorna Phala Vrata successfully for 16 days. The mistake I did was I kept the coconut in kitchen to make the prasad, but my mother by mistake gave off the coconut for harshina kumkuma to the ladies. Has the vrata broken? I can see negative results happening and it has disturbed me a lot. Pls give me the solution.

      Thank you,

  2. Nagashree says:


    Visited ur blog just now and it is awesome!!!!! keep posting more information on various hindu temples in and around karnataka…

    Thanks for the same,
    Nagashree :)

  3. Suganya says:

    Temple is really Spirtual………………

  4. Dayanand says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Dayanand, resident of bangalore. Through some one I came to know about the Hanumas’s Blessings and I also visited and Knot a coconut and every saturday I visit reqularly and most of my dreams are come true.

    Lord Hanuman, Will bless all those are in need of fulfilment in life.


    • Sinchana J.N. says:

      Hi ,

      Can anyone pls tel me if v have to ask for one wish at a time or w can ask for how much ever wishes we want?


      • It would be in your best interest to ask for one wish at a time..so you are dedicated and sincere to it!

      • vinay says:

        hi… ur asking god whether it is 1 or more u ask not matters …it is dat how well u do vratha

      • nikitha says:

        om anjaneya swami namah!
        I’ve heard my friend saying me to ask 2,3,4 wishes but u should do this wid devotion..
        God bless u :)

      • Ramamani N says:

        one time one wish, u can go any no of time after 16 days of poornaphala pooja, i am visiting this temple since 2007 every now and than i go and tie coconut my all wish has fulfilled, jai anjaneya.

  5. Harshith shetty says:

    my name is harshith .. I have a big problem in my life , m planing to visit the temple and do poornapala from tomorow itslf.. I always belivd hanuman, and I am sure dat he wil not put me down in dis critical stage also:-)

    • Hi
      namaskar to all hanuman Devotee’s.
      here i am sharing few things about karya siddhi hanuman temple.
      i reside in pune, my loving lord is hanuman.
      prior to now i was in bangalore for job purpose in IT industry.
      frankly speaking , i attened near by 25 interviews over there, in that way some of that company
      offers i missed in last minute. i decided to leave for home after 5 months.
      in that frustration i heared about karyasiddhi hanuman temple,
      i decided to do Poornaphala Deeksha. i prayed 16 days by chant anjaneya mantra 108 times
      and 41 pradhakshanas. i got confidence my self in those days. after completing my 16th day pooja
      i distrubuted coconut sweet to my friends. a week after i got offer from MNC company
      with good package.
      at that moment i heartley conveyed thanks to anjaneya swami.
      i strongly belive that hanuman blessings wont leave us sad.
      in future i wann to give donation for karya siddhi hanuman temple behalf of his fulfilled devotees.
      Thanks Anjaneya swmi..
      Thanks to all elders of this ganapathi peetam..

      Ahalya inturi

      • hamsa says:

        Hi Ahalya, My name is Hamsa.. am really mad about lord hanuman. ryt nw i hv some personal issues even i want to visit tz place as soon as possible. could u plsss let me kw which mantra to be read out daily. Hanuman Chalisa is enough or thr is sumthing else plssss let me kw..

      • Rajesh says:

        Hi ,
        This is Rajesh Verma, and have been following this site for last month ever since I heard about this temple. I am really amazed to hear your success story and blessing of god. I have some doubts. Are same mantra chanted during pradhakshanas in temple and also at home for 108 times?

      • pooja says:

        Dear Sir,
        I completed the Poorna Phala Vrata successfully for 16 days. The mistake I did was I kept the coconut in kitchen to make the prasad, but my mother by mistake gave off the coconut for harshina kumkuma to the ladies. Has the vrata broken? I can see negative results happening and it has disturbed me a lot. Pls give me the solution.

        Thank you,

  6. rrrttt1 says:

    I wanted to suggest one more route.Bus no 201 R (AC) goes to Seeta Circle,apart from this the temple is near to Hoskerhalli Cross.For Seeta Circle the number of buses might be less so one can go to Hoskerhalli Circle and from there also the temple is at walking distance.

  7. sai says:

    can you tell me temple timings please?

  8. pooja will start after 8 am for Poornaphala Deeksha.
    timings of temple
    8am to 12pm
    5pm to 8am

    • poornima says:

      Timings have chnaged now.The timings are 9 am-12pm
      6pm to 8pm

    • pooja says:

      Dear Sir,
      I completed the Poorna Phala Vrata successfully for 16 days. The mistake I did was I kept the coconut in kitchen to make the prasad, but my mother by mistake gave off the coconut for harshina kumkuma to the ladies. Has the vrata broken? I can see negative results happening and it has disturbed me a lot. Pls give me the solution.

      Thank you,

      • I don’t think that any negative thing will happen. But you did not receive the final prasadam, I think it will be good to ask the temple people and ask about how to go ahead.

  9. Geeta says:

    Could anyone post me the mantra/sloka which is to be recited for 108 times?

    • komal says:

      The sloka to be recited is as follows:-
      Tvamasmin Karyaniryoge,
      Pramanam Harisaththama,
      Hanuman yathnamasthaya,
      Dhukkhakshaya karo bhava.

    • komal says:

      The sloka to be recited is as follows:-
      Tvamasmin Karyaniryoge,
      Pramanam Harisaththama,
      Hanuman Yathnamaasthaya,
      Dhukkhakshaya Karo Bhava.

      • chitra says:

        thanks komal for the shloka… can u tell me one thing.. i am not resident of bangalore and i may not be able to visit for 16 days…. can i visit once bangalore and i shall chant the shloka at home.. i am from mumbai and i am working in muscat. i can visit the hanuman temple locally. pl advise waiting for ur reply thanks chitra

    • Divya says:

      Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra”:-

      “Karya means wish or act.
      Siddhi means realizing.
      Karya Siddhi Hanuman is one who fulfills your wishes”.

      Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra

      Tvamasmin Kaarya Niryoge
      Pramaanam Hari Sattama
      Hanuman Yatna Maasthaaya
      Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhava

      It means “O” Hanuman, Please put Efforts and Remove my Sadness, Affliction, Difficulties.

      have faith in Hanuman he ill solve your problems.

    • geetha says:

      Twmanmin karyaniryoge pramanam harisathama hanuman yetnamasthaya dukhakshya karobava

    • Geeta says:

      Twamasmin Karya Niryoge Pramanam Hari Sattama Hanuman Yatna mastaya Dukka Kshayakaro Bhava


  11. Suma says:

    Hi Friends,
    The Anjaneya Swamy Idol is very awesome, If you sit in front of it for 10 minutes then only u will get courage and it works. if u get a chance please make a sincere effort to visit the temple. u can see 100s of poorna phala tied in rows accordingly to fulfill the wishes of the devotees at the temple.

  12. Mahdan kuamr says:

    Hi All,
    The Anjaneya Swamy Idol is very awesome, once you sit in front of god any pray immidiately you will get courage and it works.

    Tvamasmin karyaniryoge pramanam harisattama
    Hanuman yatna masthaya duhkhaksayakarobhava

    Madhan Kumar

  13. kasi says:

    Namaste to All Hanman Devotees

    This temple is very nice.
    I had been in the last week temple is do gud and very powerful place.
    Please make yourself free and visit once.

  14. sudha says:

    can any one tell the conditions that haveto follow at the time of 16 dys pooja…im a married women

    • Hi Sudha,

      For everybody (including a married woman), the conditions are explained in the blog post during “Poorna Phala Deeksha” pooja. I do not think that it is different for married women. Please contact the temple authorities if you have any doubt. Temple contact details are provided in the blog post.

  15. deepa says:

    Dear All,
    Many thanks for all the details provided !
    I have a silly doubt,please don’t mind
    How to count the 41 times pradakshana ?!?
    I have seen ladies are doing with flowers, ground nuts etc., after doing that shall we take it back to home or need to give back to god? Kindly help !

    • poornima says:

      There’s yellow paper counting 1-41 and mantra also mentioned over it. U can count it with the help of that.

      • V.Lokesh says:

        There is one more simplest way. Generally we have 3 slots on each of our 4 fingers of our hands and two slots on thumb.Total slots on both hands counts to 28. Start pradakshina with right hand continue with left and finish with the right hand. You will be counting one extra as a cushioning if you slip a slot due to some distraction. i do this way and am very comfortable. More over, few could notice your way of counting unlike counting with some beans, paper pieces etc.

      • verma says:

        Is It okay to do pradakshina more than 41 times? And also, Mantra has to be recited during pradakshina ? please let me know.

  16. Shobha says:

    Yeah..You people are correct..I heard success stories from so many people..I visited that temple..really it is very nice..Please do visit…

  17. Kalpana Srinivas says:

    karyasiddi hanuman : I had a very bad time and one of my senior collegue informed me to vist the temple and i did the same and tied the coconut – Poorna Phala and chanted the slok 108times and did the 41 pradashin and amazing is on the first day of my pooja i got a hint and on the 16th day i received the poorn pala from the lord .

    I visit the temple wherever i feel i have to go.

    Kalpana Srinivas
    KHB Colony,

  18. sursh says:

    i am suresh frm RTNagar ,Thanks for sri Hanuman

  19. M R HEGDE says:

    It is really a miracle!!!!!. On the day I started the PoornaPhala Pooja, one of my two wishes materialised. On the third day, the other wish also materialised. Jai Hanuman. Now it is upto the Lord to clear all the clouds in my life and grant me peace & prosperity.

    • Rajesh says:

      This is Rajesh here, I am excited to perform PoornaPhala Pooja next week. I heard there are two poojas done at the same time , Those who starts pooja and who finishes pooja are being conducted at the same time and also mantras are chanted at the same place. I don’t know kannada so kindly help me how to differentiate which mantras to be chanted for starting pooja and which is to finish pooja.


  20. metromaniz says:

    hi, iam mani kumar, i have visited karyasiddi Hanuman temple, when was in Bangalore, Currently due to my profession i have shifted to Hyderabad, Could anyone pls let me know the address where the karyasiddi Hanuman temple in Hyderabad,

    Thanks in advance.

    • raghava says:

      hello friend in hyderabad,karya siddhi hanuman temple is situated in Sree Ganapathi Sachidanada Swamiji Ashram,dundigal .

  21. Madhavi says:

    I came across your blog yesterday and I was curious to know something. I live in USA and I do not have anyone in Bangalore that I can get in touch with. I am interested in the Poornaphala Deeksha for a longtime wish that I have. Is there any way I can email someone in the temple with all the details?
    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hello Madhavi,

      Kindly contact the temple via phone.

    • Prabhakar says:

      Hello Madhavi,
      The same Karya Sidhhi Hanuman temple is there in Dallas, Texas, USA. Both bangalore and Dallas Hanuman are inaugurated by our beloved Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji. And another thing is I too got benefited in several ways from this Karya Sidhhi Hanuman when i was in bangalore, 2007. So you can approach any of these temples. Hope this helps you.
      Jaya Guru Hanuman!!

    • N.Ramamani. says:

      hai Madhavi, temple people dont do any thing on behalf you, if u want i can do it, i belive in doing poornaphala since 2007, i visit very offen when i need his blessing for my work , so many times my dreams have come true.you can call me on mobile 9480639269 for any clarification. with regards rama.

  22. Hello Vanishree,

    It is better for you to contact the temple. Contact details are mentioned in the post.

  23. Hello Vanishree,

    Kindly contact the temple. Contact details are provided in the post.

  24. cuteleo says:

    Jai Hanuman,

    I did the puja around 2 months back. I made around 5 wishes. Still waiting for my wishes to come true.
    plz lord hanuman help me to overcome my obstacle and sorrow in my life..

    • Prathebha says:

      Please try to do one wish at a time.All your wishes will be fulfilled by the grace of Hanuman.

    • Rajesh says:

      Hi This Is Rajesh here. I am going through review now and came to know about this temple one month back , You have mentioned that you were waiting for your dreams to come true and it has been more than 2 years. Had your wishes come true?

      • Cuteleo says:

        Hello Rajesh, Not yet again I did puja around 4 months back and this time made only one wish. Still waiting when it will b fulfilled

    • Rajesh says:

      Have your wishes been fulfilled?

  25. V.Lokesh says:

    Dear All,
    Some two years back my daughter who is a telecom engineer wanted to change her job and was worried for not getting a good offer. One fine day I decided to perform Poornaphala Samarpana Seve and, believe me, there was a call within 12 hours and then onwards it is her journey towards prosperity only. I do visit temple once in a week and make pradakshinas. Sri Raghavendra Swmiji is other source where ” You pray and blessings are showered”

    • Raj says:

      Dear Lokesh Ji,

      Can you please share your email id / contact no. I am very much interested to talk to you and know more about the temple and vrata / puja vidhi/ process.

  26. Divya says:


    Can any one tell me, how many pradakshins we have to do in those 16 days.
    108 times we have to chant mantra. that i know.
    But what about pradakshins?
    Also please let me know, can we do all pradakshins at a time. Or when ever it is possible in those 16days?
    Please help me.

    Thanks a lot.

    • ManiKumar.G says:

      Hi divya,

      You have to make 41 pradakshinas, for four times, in the 16 days, u can do at anytime of the day,

      but the fourth time u should do on 16th day, you can check ur 16th day on ur receipt or on your


    • Hari Kiran M C says:

      Hi Divya,
      Pooja period is for 16 days. Each day we have to chant the Mantra for 108 times (all 16 days).
      Within THESE 16 days, we have to do 41 pradakshinas on 4 Days (41 X 4). This is mentioned on the notice of the temple premises also and in the blog also.

      Hari Kiran.

  27. kavitha says:

    can u tell me even sunday it will be open and what is the timings

    • poornima says:

      Yes temple is open on sunday also.Timing for darshan is 6am -12pm and 5pm -8pm but pooja timings are 9-12 and 6-8.Please do visit the temple.

      • Venkataramana says:

        Hi i want one information about start anjaneya vratha. i want to start vratha this coming sunday(30-06-2013). that day thidhi is astami. shall i start that astami day? please let me know…

  28. Rajitha says:

    pls anyone suggest me how much it costs in dis temple to give an annadanam?

    • sravan says:

      I hope in that temple no annadanam facility,if u want u can give some amount for prasadam,pujaris will prepapre and distributes that is better,


    hi , where is the temple loacted ? get down at sheeta circle if you will go inside then you will find vivekanada park next to it you will find 3 temples lord hanuman, sri ram and ganapati temple and the street name is temple street. ?? is it that temple or some other… plz tell me the exact temple location. what i have to auto driver after reaching sheeta circle ??

  30. VIJAY says:

    Namaste to All Hanuman Devotees..

    This temple is really really great and beautiful.
    I had been there couple of months ago n all my wishes were full filled by LORD HANUMAN …
    Please make yourself free and visit atleast once.

    Jai Shri Hanuman..

    • Venkataramana says:

      Hi if end of the vratha(16th day) i would not able to go temple, so can i go after that day or not? and whats the rules during vratha timings. please let me know…

      • Shwetha says:

        Hi Venkataramana,
        You can go after 4 days also. The coconut which u tied will be in the same place.
        Rules: You should have only veg.
        You should visit temple and do 41 pradakshinas 4 times .
        1: Day 1 when you tie the coconut
        then in between you can visit twice and do pradakshinas
        and 4th time you can do when u go to get your coconut.
        Every day you should chant the mantra’s 108 times.. The manta’s are given in the chit..they will provide it..


  31. VIJAY says:

    Namaste to all Hanuman Devotees…
    Visted again last week to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman..Truly awesome….Please make yourself free and visit atlest once…
    Lord Hanuman, Will bless all those are in need of fulfilment in life..

    • hamsa says:

      Hi this is hamsa.. v need to visit tz place only on saturday’s? for getting the results soon

      • geetha says:

        Hi hamsa not like that if possible just try to get on saturday or else u just do normal days with a faith no problem he will solve your problems

  32. anamika says:

    Hi there.. I hv considered hanuman as one f my best friend more than being his devotee….Before ma life was sugary n smooth going….but after finishing ma MSc i came to bangalore n thought f stabilising maself here as it was ma dream…. i had got job in one mnc n wrked for 4 months.. had hectic experience.. everyday i was suffering lyk hell and droping ma tears … i had killed ma beloved kitten unknowingly while taking vehicle to reverse ….after that i lost many important things of mine like mobile a costly one, pendrive, 10th certificate, memory card, and many more.. that was just misplaced and looks like disappearance frm ma sight…i am sure dt nobody might hv stolen ma things…now m totally upset… dissapointed….Upon that i hv been cheated by many frauds over here…. m searching fr job in ma domain fro past 5-7 months.. there s no openings still n no vacancy…though m hvn A grade in ma post graduation, i m getting much trouble to get a single job fr ma satisfaction wd gud payout…I hv lost hope with the god even… more than that i hv lost confidence on myself… totally i m tird f searching a job in ma domain…..so planing to go back to ma hometown…i just want some peace f mind……
    today i came to know about this temple and i m very happy that some resolution i got to mild ma troubles..I hav a doubt about that ‘poornaphala’ pooja..If suppose i get ma periods within 16 days from d date when i hv initiated the pooja, then how many days i should not consider? mean to say 4 r 5? then from which day i can continue the pooja..?wts the procedure to do that pooja?? should i take head bath while coming to temple?can i take breakfast n come r with empty stomach i need to come?wt n all we suppose to bring while coming fr the first time? is that pooja is chargeable? if so how much?

    I am looking forward for ur answers …….n thanks fr such a exposure f this info about temple n lord…..hope it will certainly help all who r depressed n been degraded like me……..

    • poornima says:

      If you really suffering from problems in ur life I am nt sure y u are delaying so much in taking hanumanjii darshan.Also u are confused abt procedures go contact temple people they will help u out.All the best.

      • Venkataramana says:

        vratha 1st day after puja have to do pradakshana 3 times know,that time which mantra have to tel and can i start 41 pradakshana after 3 pradakshanas or can take the few time gap in between 3 and 41 pradakshanas? while doing 41 pradakshanas which manthra have to tel? please let me know these doubts answers as soon as possible.

    • Banita says:

      i went to that temple. but i din’t get anything.

  33. kannan says:

    Hi Thank you very much for the information about karya siddhi Hanuman. But I am in chennai , can anyone tell me how can i do the pooja from chennai.

    • Raguraj Ravichandran says:

      Hi Kannan,

      There is a temple for Karya Siddhi Anjaneya run by the same trust in Chennai. I heard it is in Velachery, but i am not sure. May be you can try contacting the numbers which are provided in their website for better enquiries.


    • geetha says:

      Hi kanan its not possibel to do from chennai but
      Tvamasmin Kaarya Niryoge
      Pramaanam Hari Sattama
      Hanuman Yatna Maasthaaya
      Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhava

      if you pray this mantra 108 times for 16 days it will be good


  34. MallikarjunRao says:

    Hello This is Mallikarjun,

    Om Namo Hanumathe Namaha…..

    I was jobless and suffering from family problems… i went to swamiji asram and knpt the coconut “Poornaphala” and take the Deksha in a holy manner as prescibed by the asram after 16 days exactly i got the job and i am in a happy and piecefull situation….

    Jai Hanuman…

  35. Suganya says:

    Really Nice temple

    My dream came true

    • srinivasa HV says:

      cool congrates please spread the news in social network all the people will come to know about temple have a nice day

  36. Sangu says:

    Hi Parwathi Hegde mam,
    i wanted to know that book available at that temple to write the hanuman mantra should be filled all the 3 columns or any one.(mantra is given in all the languages)

  37. Raguraj Ravichandran says:

    Hi All,

    This is Raguraj from Bangalore. I was having many hurdles and problems in my professional career. It was related to promotion, hike and onsite opportunity but eventually it slipped off my hands and it went to another team mate purely because of politics. I decided to quit that company and started searching a job for better prospects. I was trying harder but I didn’t get any positive response. I heard about Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple in Girinagar through one of my friend and as per her advice, I did poornaphala. Believe it or not, within 16 days I got a call from one of the leading MNC in the world and on 20th day, I got the offer from the company with a double promotion. I thank Lord Hanuman for hearing my prayers and I urge the people to visit the temple and do poorna phala to fulfill their long standing wishes and get the divine blessings of Lord Karya Siddhi Anjaneya. Now I have become a sincere devotee of Lord Anjaneya and still I practice the Hanuman Mantra for peace and protection.


  38. Shivani says:

    Hi All,
    After 16days, if the wishes have not come true, what to do with the poorna phala?

    Please advice where am I going wrong. Today is the 20th day. I have been chanting the hanuman karya sidhi mantra everyday for 108 times and have been to the temple 3 times(today is the 4th).

    Please advice

  39. shivananda says:

    is it necessary to Visit the temple all the 16 days and have pradakshina every day or if it will alright to have pradakshina on the first day and the 16th day say 82 pradakshina on 1st and 82 pradakshina on 16th day

  40. Rajesh says:

    It’s really nice temple.Do pooja as per instructions you will get result.
    It’s true..trust me

  41. S.Nagabhushana says:

    Please tell me how to make Sankalpa

  42. sangmitra paal says:

    Family circumstances made me desperate to find a job. Two things were against me . I ama senior citizen and job experience

  43. sangmitra paal says:

    Family circumstances made me desperate to find a job. Two things were against me . I am a senior citizen and job experience of only last two yeras .I heard about miracles of Karya Siddhi Temple. Being a hanuman devotee , I immediately took a bus to Girinagar. When I came back after my darshan I got a call in the afternoon fpor job interview. I got the job on a higher salary. Dukhakshya karo bhava.

  44. shivakumar says:

    hai !! i have a problem in buying new house, iam searching from past 1 year but still now i doesn’t get, and wife got abortion, cold war in family, my son doesn’t listen to at all i was fully disappointed one of my friend suggested about this karya siddhi hanuman temples, poorna phala pooja even iam also willing to do that pooja but my friend said that should not eat non-veg but my parents will eat non-veg 2-3 times a week so what should i do now so pls guide me???

    waiting for your reply, so pls reply me fast and make me relieve from this problems plsssss…

  45. shiva says:

    hai !! i have a problem in buying new house, iam searching from past 1 year but still now i doesn’t get, and wife got abortion, cold war in family, my son doesn’t listen to at all i was fully disappointed one of my friend suggested about this karya siddhi hanuman temples, poorna phala pooja even iam also willing to do that pooja but my friend said that should not eat non-veg but my parents will eat non-veg 2-3 times a week so what should i do now so pls guide me???

    waiting for your reply, so pls reply me fast and make me relieve from this problems plsssss…

  46. nisha says:

    I have many problems in life like abortion of 8weeks pregnancy, in-laws problem, last my thing in life , today i came to know about this temple and i m very happy that some resolution i got to my troubles..I hav a doubt about that ‘poornaphala’ pooja..If suppose i get my periods within 16 days from d date when i hv initiated the pooja, then how many days i should not consider? mean to say 4 r 5? then from which day i can continue the pooja..?wts the procedure to do that pooja?? should i take head bath while coming to temple?can i take breakfast n come r with empty stomach i need to come?wt n all we suppose to bring while coming fr the first time? is that pooja is chargeable? if so how much

  47. sravani says:

    this is sravani studying at a university in hyderabad.i would like to do poornaphala deeksha.but,my parents wont allow me to visit the temple which is in banglore.is there any other to do it from hyderabad or dont we hav karya siddhi hanuman temple in hyderabad?can someone pls help me out…pls ….pls……

  48. sravani says:

    this is sravani studying at a university in hyderabad.i would like to do poornaphala deeksha.but,my parents wont allow me to visit the temple which is in banglore.is there any other way to do it from hyderabad or dont we hav karya siddhi hanuman temple in hyderabad?can someone pls help me out…pls ….pls……

  49. Vinoo says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I too wanted to share miracle that happned after visiting Karyasiddhi Anjaneya Temple. Been married for 5 years and my husband was a total Gambler going to the Racecourse regularly and playing cards lossing wholelot of money. Tried many poojas and vraths but nothing worked out. Then i gaveup the wish of my husband taking his business seriouly and stop gambling. Once i heard about this temple through my sister and tied the “Poornaphala” and compeleted 41 pradakshinas. Miracle Happned., exactly after a week, i heard husband telling to his friend that he dont feel like going racecourse and instead heard discussing about his business. That i never expected.
    All by Gods grace.. My eyes r filled with tears of joy now.. Wishing everbodys dreans also come true.

    A Devotee

  50. smita says:

    hi, this is smita
    its really good to know that hanuman ji is helping so many needy n thanks to everyone for such a good information. can anyone let me know as i dont reside in bangalore can i offer “poorna phala samarpana” from distant place… do they have any contact no at this temple.

  51. sowmya says:

    hi i came to know abt this Lord Hanuman Karyasidhi Temple today from my collegues. They suggested me to go to this temple and pray and take Purnapala Pooja for overcoming obstacles in my marriage. I will surely visit this temple saturday

    thanks for all the devottees of Lord Hanuman for sharing their experiences

  52. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Relay nice temple it works believe u in me it does

    • Cuteleo says:

      It took lot of time for me to fulfill my wishes, still i am waiting my few more wishes to come true dunnno when it will happen

  53. satyanarayana says:

    Yesterday, my cousin’s wife told me about this Temple and I decided to visit the Temple today and I visited in the morning. I was amazed to see the crowed and the faith of the people. I enquired about the poona phala pooja, the priest and the volunteer gave a detailed procedure. I am happy. I shall visit the Temple for poona phala pooja with my family. The shrine is very cute and attaractive. anybody who sees him will have bhakthi.

    I remember the song ” Hanumana mathavee, hariya mathavoo ” sung by Dr. Balamurali. It is my favourite song. it gives great peace of mind.

    Jai Hanuman

    • Balaji says:

      Vanakam… Jai sri ram.. am balaji from tamil nadu my brother didnt got alliance for past 3 years.. my friend from bangalore told about this temple.. after tat i went and tie cocnut and prayed my wish… believe it or not within 26 days my brother got alliance and get married.. i want to notice one thing here… whenever u talking abt Ramayana with friends or relatives pls leave one place for Hanuman.. because wherever people talking abt lord sri ram, Hanuman came and hear with tears…

  54. Devi says:

    Thanks for giving the details of the temple. I was able to visit and offer Poornaphala to Anajaneya swamy because of your web site. I pray that Lord Anjaneya blesses my husband with a good job that he is comfortable and happy.
    Thanks for publishing the details.

  55. Ankit Arora says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been to this temple a couple of times and it is very peaceful and nice there. I love to see the bhakti that all the devotees have.

    I’ve done the Poorna Phala Pooja a couple of times for two of my wishes and waiting for them to come true. I’m sure Hanumanji will fulfil my wishes. I’ve one doubt … would be great if some one can clear it.

    When you start the Poorna Phala Pooja, you have to make Sankalpam in front of the God. The Purohit will enchant some mantras and then all the devotees will repeat the same after him. But because of too much noise I don’t understand all the mantras. As a result I might have missed a few of them (I think so). I want to know are those mantras written somewhere so that I can read and chant while doing the Sankalp OR if anyone of you can provide those mantras here on the blog for the betterment of all the devotees?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


  56. veeraraghavan says:

    God is great and terrific power

  57. bindu says:

    if unmarried girls pray for their marriage will it get fulfilled.
    I m asking this question because its hanuman know so.

  58. Praj says:

    Hi every one,
    Thank u somuch that i was forgot this mantra because i was going long back to this temple, but now i am not able to go and thank to every one who has writen the mantra of my Boss Hanuman Ji, thank u once again.

  59. maya says:


    I wish my son gets married to a devoted and loving girl.Will hanumanji help me.

  60. s says:

    Hi friends I dont know for all of u lord hanuman has given every thing for me only he dint make my wishes to come true
    Even i did this pooja, after tieing the coconut for 3 days i did pradakshina.. there was 4 days left to
    reach 16th day and i thought of doing 4th pradakshina in that 16th day only but wat happened u know
    i got my date(mensus) in that time i could not able to chant his mantra for 4 days
    after finishing it i went and did 4th pradakshina and gave sweets to everyone
    but still my wishes has not come true..
    pls suggest me something

    • s says:

      pls reply friends is it any thing like mensus should not happen when we are doing pooja

      • Madhuri says:

        Hi s, why don’t you start pooja again after your menses gets over next time. That way you will complete all 16 days in a row. If u live in Bangalore follow the poorna phalam method by tying coconut and bringing home coconut and making sweet. If you donot live in Bangalore, then do your pooja at home. This is very powerful even if you do at home. Just follow these steps, first day go to any temple you like and think of Hanuman ji and offer Full coconut to lord of the temple u visit. Think of the desire while offering coconut. Or it’s called Sankalpaa. Then at home ,keep a chair and hanumanji photo on that and do 41 pradakhinas. Then chant the Karya siddhi Hanuman mantra for 108 times. Do like this all 16 days. Then on last day ,finish the pooja at home as described above and again visit the same temple you visited earlier and offer another Full coconut. Your desire will be surely fulfilled. Just keep faith. I did like this and my husband got job. All the best ,keep faith and do pooja, surely Hanumanji will help you.

  61. MR. Right says:

    Hi , This is MR Right
    Nothing is right in my life all my professional life and personal life in messed up. I Purchased house in bangalore but due to some problem i am selling it. I am married but due personal issues staying away from family. I am working in chennai but my family is in bangalore. I am trying for job in bangalore from past FIVE years,If I get selected but i dont get offer letters. Twice i was selected for US trip jobs in bangalore but i did not get offer letters. right now i am suffering in night shift job in chennai. I am unable do night shift. Pls help give me some solution. Does this hanuman pooja works miracles. Pls help me god

  62. geetha says:

    Hi to Everyone Iam very happy to see all comments about that temple Because me too one of devotee for that hanuman Here i would like to share my few experiences in Bangalore I came to bangalore for job searching in IT industry that is the day which i have decided to go back to home because of no job in.But atlast some of my friends told me about the place karyasiddhi anjaneya swamy temple so i did 16 days pooja which says sampoorna poorna phala the miracle was i got job in small company immediately on 17th day its not a big job only 5k salary here the thing is after that one year i work hard alot not only that company but too part time also .after 6 months they have terminated me and joined in NON IT and after 2 months due to some issues i lossed that job also i thought that wastely i have worked for 5k .but some times my mind says this is the job which anjaneya gave after u finished your job so definately u will have a great future like that….As i thought really wonder,miracle after 6 months i got a good job in IT Industry .not only that for all 3 wishes i did pooja by tying 3 coconuts .really all my 3 wishes fullfilled Really a lot of thanks to karyasiddhi anjaneya thanks is not at all enough for that god(Na janmantham seva chesukuntanu swamy meeku) and he is my best friend also….he is the reason becoz of my todays happiness .so ..all whatever,whichever u have problem,just say Tvamasmin Kaarya Niryoge
    Pramaanam Hari Sattama
    Hanuman Yatna Maasthaaya
    Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhava

    Have a faith Karya siddhi anjaneya swamy he will solve all your problems
    its my promise……………

  63. jyothi says:

    is thr any thing like only one wish for 1 cocunut. or we can make more than one wish for 1 cocunut

  64. ramya says:

    hi do we need to chant the mantra daily in temple r can we chant in our home bec daily coming to temple s not possible bec of collegge can any one say correctly abbout poornaphala

  65. Anony says:

    My life is nothing but a failure.. Though I scored gud grades in my courses and got placed, I was laid off twice .. once after bachelors.. the other time after masters.. I was rejected twice..and the thought of that ‘rejection’ is annoying me a lot.. It has been more than 2 months tht I am jobless.. I feel frustrated to see all my frends getting settled well in their life.. Sometimes Iam also getting suicidal tendencies.. I have been applying to various companies since more than 2 months but am yet to get favorable reply from them.. Now.. I am in 16 days pooja.. I wish I will be in better mental condition at the end of pooja…
    Hey Lord Hanuman.. pls pacify all my sufferings & give me peace

  66. vijayalakshmi says:

    can anyone tell me
    Wat is the Manthra for Hanumanji, which i can pray at home

  67. Dev says:

    Dear Friends
    will Lord Hanuman help me to come out of my physical ailment and post surgical life time problems .. I am currently working in a private IT company in Bangalore , been going through physical trauma , had a major surgery of my knee and am yet to come out of it. I dont know why in the first place itself Lord Hanuman did not protect me from the injury , and now since the surgery is done , am going through complications and fear of that being repeated. I dont want anything from Hanumanji except my knees become strong for lifetime . I do not know how will I know that my wish comes true or not , since it is not something that can happen in a month or so , its a life long challenge for me … Will Lord Hanuman listen to me .. am a non vegetarian but believe in God strongly ..Does Hanuman listen to every person ? the next challenge is how to visit the temple as am currently in bad health and very weak . Visiting once can be planned by taxi but making 4 times visit in 2 weeks seems impossible .. Hey Hanumanji , please help me …

  68. namathirtham jithendra babu says:

    thamaswin karya niryoge pramanam hari sattama
    hanuman yatna mastaya dukkhashaya karo bhava.
    ————–jai sriram

  69. Suren says:

    This temple is really awesome !!! every one visit this temple at least once.

  70. anamika says:

    I have been suffering from so many problems for more than 2 years. I would like to visit this temple as early as possible.
    Jai Hanuman.

  71. Pratheebha says:

    Jai Hanuman,
    I am doing Poorna Pala Seva right now, during my 3rd day i went out somewhere and i had food from someone else plate….

    PLease pray for me that anjenaya should forgive me and fulfill my wishes…

  72. lavi says:

    what is the coconut tied in the temple is spoit at 16th day, is it a bad sign

  73. tina says:

    hi all i did tie the poornaphala and completed 15 days of pooja. I chanted the sloka for 108 times a day and finished 3 days of pradakshina but could not complete the 4th or the last day due to some personal problem . I dont know if this was a bad omen or it was hanumans wish . Then i was out of station for 6 days .so need to go and complete it. Has anyone faced the same problem. Am i unlucky that i had to face such a problem.

  74. Rekha says:

    First i thank u for providing all this details.Some places i have visited and many other places i didnt had any idea about it.after visiting your blog i have a great desire to visit missed places.one small suggestion , as per the above details i can see you have missed out north karnataka places.especially bellary dist & chitradurga surrounding places(sandur [ FULL OF GREENERY & KUMAR SWAMY TEMPLE IN HILLS & MINES MANAS SAROVAR MOVIE ;-) ] ,hospet,hampi,TB Dam…) .Hope i can expect some more

  75. Rekha says:


  76. shilpa says:

    Hi m shilpa thanks to all guys who has commented here.m also planning to go to this temple

  77. maha says:

    I did 16 days Coconut Pooja for my Marriage.Immediately after 1 week after the pooja ,my marriage got fixed.It is a very powerful pooja.Trust anjaneya and do the pooja.

  78. Rajesh Menon says:

    I Went To Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Girinagar, Bangalore On Saturday 9th March, 2013. Liked the Temple Very Much. The Crowd And Faith Of The Devotee’s Very Good. I Now Have To Visit Again And Complete The Poorna Phala Pooja. As And When The Lord Permits.
    ll Jai Siyaa Raam ll
    ll Jai Bajrang Bali ll

  79. kumar says:

    i have a query…is it must to follow brahmacharyam during this vrat.?

  80. sunny says:


    I have did the same pooja for seeking a good job but I still I dint get my exception Job.
    I didnt smoke and drink but what happen I didnt get job still what do any suggestion from all.

  81. krishna says:

    my family devote of Karya siddi hanuman its more than 6 six years. our lot of my wishes fulfilled after visiting temple

  82. Rohini says:

    Really Really truth and helpful if u do it wholeheartedly…………..

  83. Roshani Ranjana says:

    Hi devotee….
    I hv 1 question…
    Today is the 5th day of my puja and i forgot to do 108 tyms mantra to evry day.i only do 2 day the day whenbi went to temple i dont know wat to do…plz suggest should i do puja again from the starting day…..plzzz reply as soon as possible…

  84. roshani12 says:

    i started my pooja on 4rth may and today is the 8th day…..and today i came to know that i hav to read that mantra 108 tyms every day….bt i didn’t do.. i do only first day and today……i dont know wat to do….. should i hav to start once again… plz suggest me…..wat to do…..

    • Shank says:

      Roshini ur wish came true? Me also missed to read second day is it a fault? :( Please suggest and advice me

  85. Manjunatha.k says:

    First time i visited was 5 years ago when i was desperate on job .. yes i was successful.
    even my other 2 friends were successful in getting the jobs … i Like to visit often

  86. Mandar says:

    will visit.. surely :)

  87. c.madhavi says:

    nenu chala problems face chestunnanu vatinunchi bayatapadalani hanuman pray chestanu nenu chennailo stay cheyatamvalana temple ralekunnanu naku chennai karyasidhi hanuman temple ekkada vunndhi address cheppagalaru.

  88. venkat says:

    Hi All,
    this is venkataramana, i have few doubts. please suggest me
    1. I want to start hanuman vratha this sunday(30/06/13). that day thidhi is astami, can i start that day?
    2. first day after puja have to do pradakshina 3 rounds know, during pradakshana which manthra have to tel and after 3 pradakshanas shall i start 41 pradakshanas?
    3. while doing 41 rounds pradakshanas which mantra have to tel?
    4. please explain rules during vratha timings(16 days)
    5. if i am not able to come on 16th day then can i come after next day?
    please suggest me..

  89. Venu says:

    If you visit this temple and do Poornaphala puja, You will defineteley get relief

  90. Pramod says:

    I have completed my puc in 2011 scoring 97.33 % in PCM and I had scored good ranks in CET IIT and AIEEE exams too……. but due to some inevitable circumstances I couldn’t get into any of the engineering colleges………. I was very much interested in pursuing Aerospace Engineering……….so I thought of staying back 1 year and I reappeared for IIT and other exams the next year………Inspite of getting good ranks, this time again I couldn’t get into any of the colleges……..
    I was greatly depressed and I thought I had almost reached the end of the road……………
    But around 6 months later I had got an offer from a prestigious University in England which ranks next only to University of Cambridge……
    I thought this my only option in hand…………So I moved further………….
    Now all the procedures from the University is done, and the major part is still left out i.e the funds.
    It costs nearly 80 to 90 lakhs and I have no idea how to arrange this mammoth amount……….
    But I believe in hanumanji and I am regularly perfoming the poorna phala pooja and I hope HE will help me come out of this situation…….And I would like to ask HIM not to give such problems to any other hardworking student ………….

  91. Ganganjaneya says:

    Even I visited this temple twice, it worked out successfully

    Jai Hanuman.

  92. kumar says:

    is there any other conditions for married people like brahmacharyam…please let me know..

  93. Archana says:

    This is my favorite temple.. i like to visit this temple on every week end..Very calm , cool place..

  94. Balraj says:


    My name is balraj i was searching for a job from past 5 months after doing the hanumanji vratha for 16 days…with in a weak i got a job so trust hanumanji definetly all the dreams will come true

  95. abc says:


    can we tie the 2 coconuts at the same time….

  96. Jayakumar says:

    Hi All!
    I came to know about Karya Siddi Hanuman through this blog. I was in a critical situation as I lost my job. I did purna pala and belive it or not on the first day I started getting interview calls. I got a good offer in a reputed company and I got the confirmation call and I saw my offer letter in my mobile via mail while I was in temple for the second time to do 41 pradakshana. 16th day was my joining. I have no words to explain the feel.

    Jai Hanuman.

  97. Komala Srinivasan says:

    What mantra to chant during 41 pradakshina?

  98. sukanya says:

    I visited this temple many times.It is real. 2 times i did karya siidi puja. 2 times my wishes come true.Believe in god.

  99. silpa says:

    Hi anyone please tell me for married people need to follow any bramhacharyam while doing pooja.That yellow slip they provided with coconut has some rules on back side,but those r written in kannada.3rd point i can’t able to read it. can anyone plz help me.

  100. Suhas Manjunath says:

    Hello Folks, I have created a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karya-Siddhi-Anjaneya-Swamy-Temple/252161238270621… Interest devotees can lyk the page and can start a new thread or post about your experience with lord anjaneya…. Cheers!

  101. Srinivas Jupalli says:

    I am very happy to share the Kaarya Siddi Hanuman mantra in telugu for Hanuman devotees .god bless you all …

    త్వమస్మిన్ కార్య నిర్యోగే
    ప్రమాణం హరి సత్తమ
    హనుమాన్ యత్న మాస్తాయ
    దుఃఖ క్షయ కరో భవ

  102. NARENDRA K says:

    I came to know about Karya Siddi Hanuman through this blog i was having a tough time due to the huge home loan that i was having and my current company was not willing to give proper hike. I was struggling to get interview calls for some time but after i started the poornaphala pooja i started getting multiple interview calls. Exactly 3 days after completing the deeksha i got a very good offer from a top MNC with high salary. Being a hanuman devotee for past 10 years i have seen multiple miracles and this was one of the very best of them.

    Truly i owe it completely to Hanumanji, during the deeksha i had multiple ups and downs but at the end of it feel richly and truly rewarded by Hanumanji for all the hard work and perseverance. If done with true devotion and spirit it gives miraculous results just don’t loose faith there will be testing times during this period.

    May Hanumanji bless all, Jai Hanuman!!

  103. Ramki says:

    Need some help as to how to do this when you are out of Blore.I do not speak Kannada and so when I called the temple no one could help me.Grateful if someone could help me.

    • GK says:

      Hello Ramki, it really wouldn’t matter where you are from. You can do it very much @ your house too. Follow the instructions given in the site. I had the same doubts like you and i tried calling multiple times with different answers from volunteers. I visited bangalore to get the details and the priests there gave me good insights.

  104. chetu says:

    hi folks pls let me know we have to start vratha and tie purnaphala only on tuesday and saturdays?? please let me know

  105. Raja sekhar says:

    Hi,i have a doubt we need to visit it exactly on 16th day.or else we can finish 4times visit in consecutive 4days itself.

    • Shwetha says:

      You have to visit temple on 16th day to get back the coconut which you tied….
      So better do pradakshinas on 1st day…(when u tie coconut)
      Then visit and do in any 2 days
      Then last one you can do when you visit on 16th day

  106. Puneet says:

    d wish is granted. just beleive in god.

  107. Yogeshwar says:

    Hi friends…
    i have one doubt, am heard 16 days coconut pooja..in a week twice to visit temple 2 week 4 times..its fine but my doubt is 1st day nd 16 day including na..are separate 4 times na..

  108. Thej says:

    You can visit 4 day (41 rounds) within 16 days on any day. If possible you can finish 1st 41 rounds on the day when you tie coconut and rest 3 times on any days in between 16 days. On 16th day you have to remove the coconut.

  109. Shank says:

    Its a Amazing Temple Whatever u Wish and esire and pray Lord Anjineya Gets it for You I asked For a MNC Job in Accenture I got in no matter of time :) It doesnt mean the wish will happen within 16 Days it might take ever some more time before 48 Days at any cost ur Dream Comes True Unbeleivable but a Amazing FACT :)

  110. Hopeful says:

    Any such temple in Mubai/ Pune?

    • Shank says:

      I DOnt think so Dude.. PEople even travel frm US/Uk to visit this awesome Place….. Trust me do visit Once it will change ur Life…..

  111. Sai Murali Tatiraju says:

    Hi Friends, This is Sai Murali, I did the “Purna Phala Samarpana” Seva at this temple following a guidance of my Guruji who is a stanch devotee of Appaji, Me and my wife did the same and could get a confirmation of our 2nd baby with in below a month when we finished this Seva, our belief just doubled after this confirmation, we feel totally blessed

  112. Johnd605 says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It is the little changes that make the most important changes. Many thanks for sharing! ekgedacdebkd

  113. Shank says:

    Please promote this website :)

  114. anusha says:

    Can we continue dis mantra even during r menstrual cycle? Is der any remedy to overcome dis? Or should v break r wish and tie d coconut again?

  115. suma says:

    If our periods (mensus come in between).. can we chant the mantras for 108 times during that period..

  116. Saisri says:

    Hi sir,Its really amazing and to be bestowed Karya siddhi anjeneya swamy made my wish came true Wihin 30Days of my Pooja.Hanuman ji you are very powerful.

  117. Saisri says:

    like that My Husband( prashanth) Wish also be make true.He is awaiting for along time.He is very Honest In his job .Please give purna pala siddhi for my husband also

  118. Sri Hanumaan says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry I cannot disclose my name. But plz do reply to my comment.
    I will be starting this pooja from today, but my problem is whatever happens should happen before 16th of this month (It will be 12th day of pooja). If it happens after that also its of no use. Please some one let me know is it like this only after finishing 16 days only our wish comes true??? or is there any possiblities it can happen before 16 days also???? Its my life problem. Please people please reply me.

  119. suppu says:

    Hi..guys..I m in poornaphala vratha now.All was going smoothly.But unfortunately yesterday without my knowledge I ate egg curry.I came to know it today morning.But I did not eat the egg.I m very much worried about this.Can anyone please suggest what should I do?

  120. narayanan kvs says:

    Can one seek and be blessed from outside this Bangalore city temple pay visit at start and at close may be after two or three months even. Will the trustees be able to validate and respond. Ganapati Swamiji is well respected because of the Mysore mutt and philanthropic efforts swamiji has done there. Ardent kirthan composer etc following has foreign visitors there. Anyone can please provide reply thanks regards Narayanan

  121. bhakte says:

    Namaste, I have already experienced the blessings from shree karyasidhdhi anjaneya swami once when I was in search of job change. right now I have taken poornaphala deeksha on bheemana amavasye a very auspicious day when married woman worship their husbands and unwed ones worship Shiva to get good husband. My wish also is to clear hurdles coming for my marriage. I will be finishing deeksha on the 10th August. hoping to hear good news soon…

  122. Priya says:

    Hail Lord Hanuman! I think it would be fair enough for me to say that I was a complete atheist before. But during the time when I faced a problem, and my friend asked me to do the poorna phala pooja. I was speculative but still performed the pooja as I had to, by all means resolve my problem.

    My father was suffering from cancer and it had reached a thretening stage and I had prayed for the cure. I was so happy when my prayers were answered and the operation was successful.

    Second time I went to pray ( this time I was turned to a complete devotee of Lord Hanuman), I prayed for sucess in careeer and that was answered withing the first week of my pooja.

    Im utterly humbled and feel that now there is someone who listens to my problems and provides me a solution and I can reach to him anytime I want.

  123. RAMESH says:

    Nijavaglu poorn pala sigute naanu 2nd time kaatiddini katti one daysnali nana problem clear aytu but naanu 16 days complet madta idini …………… dayavittu olleyadaagutte hanumaan devarannu nambi ….

  124. vanita says:

    How to go ther from airport

  125. Rafeeq Ahmed says:

    Sir, I have just read about this Lord Hanumanji Temple. To be frank I am a Muslim from Bangalore. I want to know whether I can visit the temple, perform puja for the placement of my atleast 3 wishes at a time? Also please let me know what are these Karyasiddhi Hanuman mantra and 41 Pradakshana. Allnthis via my email hafeez00747@gmail.com
    5hank you my true guide.

  126. Rahul says:

    hi once you started this pooza,,,,your confidence level will increase day by day ,,,
    you will feel the effect after one week,,but sure you will succed,,,jai bajaranga Bali

  127. santhosh says:

    Witness for god exists,
    Really this my true experience ,,I quit my job and started searching for new job ,,
    two months 20 intrvws fruitless,
    It was the time I got frustrated,,,,one of my frnd who adviced me to go here,,,
    I went to thr temple 3 day of my poornapala,,,I got job,,,with good pay in mnc,,really amazing,,,jai hanuman

  128. Cuteleo says:

    still my wishes not fulfilled.. its been almost 3 yrs.. I am fed up now…
    Now I started believing what all has to happen it will happen… noone can change destiny with puja n all.

    I started keeping fast on tuesday after i did puja 3 yrs back, now i am fed up and thinking to stop fasting as its of no use

    • suma says:

      You are rite… I did Puja in June for a Positive wish but a negative happened.
      Fed up of everything in life

      • Cuteleo says:

        Yea!! seriously waiting for 3 yrs for something to happen but still if it doesnt work out then definitely its a pain. and you would expect something positive to happen n if it doesnt then really it shatters you completely

  129. Supreeti says:

    This is indeed a very spiritual temple. Please can anyone suggest if we can eat onions during these 16 days vrata?

  130. Pruthvi says:

    Om Namo Hanumathe Namaha : It really works only u have to Trust : Jai Hanuman for 9449322266

  131. sunitha p says:

    if period are near by can we do the pooja

  132. sri says:

    i cant mention my name if i do this pooja my love will be success . i ll get married to the person whom i am loving

  133. rekha says:

    Im doing poornaphala deeksha this is my 7th day please tell me in how many days ill get the result

  134. namrata says:

    Can any one tell me please if this temple is their in Mumbai also….i wanted to do this Pooja….plzz help me out of this…plzzz

  135. namrata says:

    Please rply

  136. rekha says:

    Tody is my 16th day my vrata got completed so pls tel me in how many days i will get result of this pooja

  137. rekha says:

    Please tel me

  138. devotee says:

    Om namo hanumate namah! Jai hanuman

  139. ragaleena says:

    after 16 days how many days they will allow to keep coconut tied. can we take after 2 /3 days.

  140. namrata says:

    Continuously 16 days vrata should be done na

  141. Sri Hanuman Sevek says:

    Jai Hanuman,

    I belongs to north India and visited temple couple of times. I really like the temple. i can recall my first visit which was bit confusing due to no clear procedures mentioned. i realized and want to mention all the procedures in steps, to make clear to others.

    Thumb rule to pray God hanuman. (try to follow good hygiene (eating,drinking etc as much as possible)

    1. Buy a Coconut from temple. one of the priest shall write one char (A-Z) on top and then some number. so find the same place mentioned as char on coconut. also note down the serial no. e.g. A – 8576565. (you need to tie your coconut under banner A).
    2. wait for your turn to do group puja (Group Sankalp). As priest will chant kaanada-sanskrit mix, so try to follow what other people speak. to make more clear, you have to do sankap that you are going to do puja for 16 days for purna fala and offering a coconut to god. for better, you could buy some geeta press book which has procedures for sankalp. (remember, it’s very impotent part of puja,hence understand properly before start).
    3. once you are done with puja, do feri (pradakshina) 3 times and go to the same place which has board ‘A’ and knot your coconut there. you can bring some other holi thread to distiguesh your coconut from others. (easy on last day).
    4. Now, if you wish, you can do Pradakshina 41 times or else any other day but twice in a week. i.e. 4 times in 16 day. if you wish, you can buy some flowers, tulsi etc and count it to 41 and keep in bag. once you are done with 1 round, offer it to god. (easy for counting or u can follow whatever u like).
    5. you need to chant following manta 108 times in a day. ( i have translated it to Hindi for better understanding).

    त्वमस्विम कार्य निर्योगे,
    प्रमाणम् हरि सत्तमा ।

    हनुमान यत्नमास्तायः,
    दुखः क्षय करो भवः ।

    6. on 16th day, Do some puja of lord hanuman and untie your coconut. don’t forget to match the serial no.
    7. try to make some sweet (only) from coconut and distribute to friends/family.

    Please correct me, if i am missing any setps.

    Sri Hanuman Sevek

  142. amrita says:

    Plz let me know unmarried girls can do this Pooja?

  143. amrita says:

    And can also visit the temple or not? Pplzzz rply soon

  144. sri says:

    35days over but my wishes still not fulfilled, why i dont no

  145. sri says:

    Im suffering a lot,,, pls help me hanuman and im waiting for my wishes come true soon. Om namo hanumate namah.jai hanuman

  146. sri says:

    Twamasmin karyaniryoge
    Pramanam harisattama
    Hanuman yathnamaastaya
    Dukkakshaya karobava.
    Om namo hanumamte namah, jai anjaneya

  147. sri says:

    Parwathi hegde mam my wish still not fulfilled im suferring a lot what to do realy im in critical stage

  148. sri says:

    Om namo hanumate namaha

  149. arun says:

    Hi I’m Arun, I’m suffering a lot. I visited the Katya siddhi anjaneya temple and knot the coconut. I’m chanting the mantra 108 times daily.
    During the deeksha, lord tests us a lot. I just broke my deeksha while I’m asleep. Please help me.. Can I tie the poorna phala again by wishing the same? Does lord excuse me? I seriously didn’t mean to break my deeksha. It just happen accidentally. I want to get out of my critical problem.
    Please help me…😭

    Please mail me the solution – arun.kum109@gmail.com

  150. arun says:

    Hi I’m Arun. Can anyone please suggest me whether I can tie the poornaphala again by wishing the same?
    Please reply me. I’m in critical stage.

  151. Aki says:

    I completed this pooja and my wish got fulfilled in 3 months….. its a very nice temple.. Let God shower his blessings on everyone..

  152. devotee says:

    5months over Still my wish not completed hanuman pls save me from tat problem im suferring a lot

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