Ramanjaneya Gudda – Harihara Gudda

Ramanjaneya Gudda

In Kannada (local language of Karnataka) Gudda means Hill.  Both of these temples located on two different hills in Hanumanth Nagar – Bangalore.  Because of an Anjaneya temple on top of which big statue of Rama and Hanuman hugging together is located at the top of the hill, hence the name Ramanjaneya Gudda.  BBMP developed nice park on top of this hill, so people around can come for a walk and get relief on evening times.  Also, people from various places visit this temple as a tourist place.

Harihara Gudda

Harihara Gudda also located in Hanumanth Nagar by the side of Ramanjaneya gudda.  Both are very nearby.  On Harihara gudda, there is a Harihareshwara temple.  This is an old temple but around this temple several trees and park makes it very attractive place.  On this hilltop, very nice park is maintained, there is a small playground for children, several benches are kept to sit and relax.  Totally, if you plan for the evening after 4 o’clock can visit both the places, go to temples, sit in the park, can eat Shavepuri and enjoy.

For more photos visit – Ramanjaneya-Harihara Gudda Photos

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