Pilgrimage to Varadahalli

Varadapura – Varadahalli is around 6 Km away from Sagar, Shimoga District. This is a sacred place where Bhagavan Sadguru Sridhara Swamiji did severe austerities and attained Mahasamadhi.  Here there is a temple built in the place of his Samadhi (tomb).  Everyday thousands of devotees visit this place.  In this ashram, accommodation facilities are available for tourist.  Morning “Mahamangalarathi” will be conducted early morning around 8:00 a.m.  and at 12 p.m.  When swamiji was there at ashram he said to his devotees that the “Paduka” kept at ashram is “Kamadhenu” which gives everything if properly prayed by the devotees.  Here there is a small pond which is called “Shridhara Teerta”, water from this pond comes down and falls from the mouth of cow.  One day on  12/05/1955, Swamiji himself removed little mud from the hillside and water started to ooze out and that itself became “Shridhara Teerta” and Swamiji blessed this water in such a way that whoever takes bath in this water or drinks this water will cure off their diseases.  Even in the rainy season or in the winter people take bath in this water and take home in water cans.

Swamiji was born at a place called “Chincholi” which is around 12 miles from Ganagapur (where famous temple of Dattatreya is situated) on Margasheersha shudda purnima, the same day when Lord Dattatreya was born.  Ganagapur is a city in Aurangabad District in the State of Maharashtra.  Swamiji was well versed in English and Sanskrit and wrote several poems.   He was a disciple of Samartha Ramdas and he stayed at Sajjangad and offered his services to his Guru Shri Samarth Ramdas by washing clothes on Samadhi of Shri Samarth, sweeping the floor, and reciting Dasbodh at ashram and finally got “Darshan” of Shri Samarth at Sajjangad.  According to the order of Shri Samarth, Swamiji came down to Southern India and he has uplifted the society by preaching Hindu Dharma and doing penance for the well being of the world.

Dharmadwaja on the top of the hill in Varadahalli, which was installed by Swamiji.  Swamiji left his physical body on April 19, 1973 and devotees built a temple for Swamiji’s samadhi.

Picturesque view of surrounding hills at Varadahalli from the top of the hill where Dharmadwaja is hoisted.

Please visit this website for more detailed life history –  Biography of Bhagavan Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamy Maharaj

How to reach:

From Bangalore there are lot of busses to Sagar (Shimoga District).  After getting down at Sagar, can take an auto rickshaw to Varadahalli.  

For more photos visit Varadahalli Photos on Picasa

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15 Responses to Pilgrimage to Varadahalli

  1. kindly also visit uttameshwaratemple.blogspot.com

  2. RISHI WAHI says:

    i had visit one and i belive very strongly on swamiji

  3. C B L HEGDE says:

    really happy to see the profile Shreedhar Swamiji is always manushya roopi bhagawan’We are not able to know something about our Gurooji

  4. dilipkumarcb says:

    It is one of heaven place in karnataka, here you can get a mental peace and tension free.

  5. Shruti R. Kulkarni says:

    Ya ya it is one of heaven place in Karnataka, here if we go one time we feel to go again and again and i really love this place,here if you enter once you wont feel to come back beacuse that place is like that.

  6. manoj says:

    iam going to vist next month i have heard a lot and go enlighted to and get darshan and get the blessings

  7. vivek g siddapur says:

    i have been a frequent visitor to varadahalli since 1999 and if one has belief, swamiji will always be with us. our family has been blessed by this almighty.

    • manisha says:

      pl guide us how to reach Varadhalli.. pl tell the direct train from Banglore…

      • how to reach by Train:

        There are enough trains to Shimoga from Bangalore. After reaching the Shimoga, take Shimoga to Sagar Bus. There are not enough busses to Varadahalli from Sagar but there are Auto Rikshaw available. Just ask anybody around there you can get the accurate direction.

        By bus:

        Take Bangalore to Sagar bus. From Sagar take an auto Rikshaw or bus to reach Varadahalli

  8. Girish says:

    the kindness with which he blessed all the ‘bhoothas’ is exemplary and the word ‘Karunamayi’ remains personified even when you take his name. I was briefed by Shri. Sridhar of Puttur college (whose name itself is inspired by Swamiji’s grace) that a dog in their house accompanied their team to attend Swamiji’s discourse and was blessed by Swamiji. Dog passed away next morning itself after have a ‘proksha’ of holy water from Swamiji’s hand. It is difficult to hold back moisture on edge of eye while remembering such miracles. He blesses , really blesses. We mortals need in these ‘infested’ days all the more. Jai Swami Samarth, Jaya Jaya Sridhara.

  9. Pavan says:

    Dear Sir, there is a small mistake in the article that I would like to bring to your notice..GANAGAPURA comes under GULBARGA district in KARNATAKA and is not situated in Maharashtra..

  10. Vaibhav Deshmukh says:

    Chincholi, the birth place of swamiji is in Gulbarga district in Karnataka.It is around 25-30 kms from gulbarga and on a route to aland.

  11. u.sundareswaran says:

    I would like to visit Sridharashrama at varadhahalli.Is there any direct train from Bangalore.?Also pl give me Ashram contact no.

  12. sneha s kulkarni says:

    its a very peace full place vll 4get all our wories wen vll be in varadhalli

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