Goravanahalli Mahalaxmi Temple

Ishvarim Sarvabhootanam Tamihopahvaye Shriyam

Mahalaxmi is considered as “Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity”.    Story behind this temple is very interesting and that starts with a very poor man named Abbayya.   He used to take his cows out for grazing and will have his food near a pond.  He kept on hearing a voice, which said “Shall I come with you” for some days.  He was scared since he was not able to see anybody but finally after some time, he replied back saying she can come with him if she is not an evil spirit and he saw a “Mahalakshmi Idol”.  He took that home and started worshipping everyday and soon he became a wealthy person in the village.  He built a small temple for the goddess and worshipped her with great reverence.  This was continued until Abbayya and his brother Thotadappa were died.

From 1925 onwards, “Shrimati Kamalamma” started worshipping the goddess and soon many people who visited this temple benefitted.  By word of mouth, temple became famous pilgrimage center.

How to reach:

Via Bus:  From Bangalore – Majestic, Catch bus going to Pavagad and get down at Goravanahalli cross.  There are several busses which directly go to Goravanahalli.  Also, if you reach Dabaspet on Tumkur Road, there are several private busses which go to Goravanahalli.

Private Vehicles: On Tumkur road go till Dabaspet, which is around 52 Km from majestic.  Take right at Dabaspet under the flyover on Bangalore – Pune highway.  Goravanahalli is around 37 Km from Dabaspet.

Distance : Around 90 Km from Bangalore.

For more photos please visit – Goravanahalli Photos on Picasa

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10 Responses to Goravanahalli Mahalaxmi Temple

  1. sunil.k says:

    Today i visited the temple felt very confident and gained brave to go ahead in life and i wud like to visit again and again God bless Me.

  2. prasad says:

    I also want to visit temple on coming Friday.Wt about crowd on that day as it is Friday.And pls let me the easy bus way to reach

  3. gavisidda says:

    mahalaxmi temple is very best temple in karnatak

  4. Bheemeshakrishna says:

    we are coming on 15th December 2012…perform abhishaka to the devine godess….we may reach by 3.00 pm on the same day….name : S. venkata bheemachar , Gotra: srivatsa, rashi: karka, nakshatara : pushya and s. kavitha, gotra: srivatha, mithuna rashi punurvasu nakshata.

  5. B.L. VEENA says:

    Guravanahalli temple very shakti temple once you visited temple you ask ma lakhmi
    lakshmi give improve you & your house going all good in my experiences 1st time visited the temple know i am gingivitis every year once realy POWER FULL GOD .

  6. veena says:

    Ma lakshmi is very powerful lgod in my experience once i visited the goravanahalli every year i will visiting . So In my house lot of improvement is goeing on most belive & powerfull god in my experince.

  7. Pushpalatha says:

    I am Latha from Bangalore, I first visited Mahalakshmi temple in childhood days,after visiting the temple i will take a Vaibhava Lakshmi book to worship the goddess in my home, reading that book and started the Pooja very devotionaly, after doing this pooja i will get married. after married also i will continue Lakshmi pooja God Lakshmi is solved my problems and also i am having a good family. So i believed lot Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi.I did daily pooja in my home.

  8. johny says:

    I like to visit this temple cause my friends and all my beloved ones have been telling that it is the best temple in karnataka.

  9. Anitha says:

    Goravanahalli is 80 Kms away from Bangalore, 10 Kms away from Koratagere and 30 Kms away from Tumkur. Goravanahalli is well connected by roads. KSRTC Buses & Private Buses have daily services to Goravanahalli from Bangalore. From Kempegowda Bus Stand Platform No.3 there are buses to Goravanahalli, every half an hour. One should take turn towards Goravanahalli at Dabaspet on Bangalore – Tumkur road (highway). Please check the driving directions link below, if you are planning to drive to Goravanahalli.

    From Kempegowda Bus Stand Platform No.18 take bus to Tumkur (every 10-15 mits buses ply to Tumkur). at Tumkur there are buses to Koratagere from Koratagere there are private autos and buses to Goravanahalli. There are direct buses from Goravanahalli to Bangalore

  10. Suman says:

    I visited temple with grace of Laxshmi devi amma…

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