Shiva Temple – Airport road Bangalore

Shiva is one of the “Trimurthi’s” (Trinity) – Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector), and Shiva (Destroyer).   Shiva temple on HAL airport road Bangalore holds a magnificent Shiva idol and 32 feet Ganapathi idol.   This is a unique temple which has organized “Jyothirlinga Yatra”, which is artificial; still gives devotees a unique experience.  In front of the Shiva idol, a small pond is constructed named as “Manasa Sarovar”.


Pictures below are of Manasa Sarovar and Amarnath.  A Shiva Linga that is made up of ice is kept under the Amarnath building. Four years back when I went to this temple, Amarnath was not separately kept, it was with other jyotirlinga yatra.  Now it has been kept separately and charged to visit. 

As soon as the devotees enter the temple, need to start counting money for one or the other reason that may be the camera charge (Rs 25 for camera, 15 for mobile camera, and 30 for video camera), going inside Amarnath (Rs 30 per person), Jyothirlinga Yatra(Rs 30 per person), fulfilling the wishes, putting wood into Homa (Ritual fire), or lighting a lamp and leaving into holy Ganges (Some bore well water I should say).  Want to get your all wishes fulfilled? then there is a miracle spot where it is claimed to fulfill your wishes if a special coin is thrown into Manasa Sarovar (need to buy these coins) after making the wishes in mind and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” seven times.  Do you want to get rid of all sins, here is a solution – “Lord Shiva will forgive your sins just take a lamp, light it and leave it in the holy Ganges in the Manasa Sarovar”.

I am sure that already you would have spent at least Rs 50 to 100 per person.  Some more articles are there if you are interested in spending money.  Visit this temple, it is purely a business in front of Shiva.  This is my personal opinion!! temple wouldn’t have been collecting this much money by fooling devotees.

Dada Vaswani


Shiva Temple

Old Airport Road


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4 Responses to Shiva Temple – Airport road Bangalore

  1. AKSHAY says:

    felt like i was going on a tip to all these places! very well composed and nicely captured images :)

  2. sunanda says:

    short and informative, full of facts required. well written

  3. mona says:

    even i had the same feeling… Money making is all wat u can see there.. I don’t think lord shiva would ever charge us for listening to our mighty prayers….

  4. Ambika Mira says:

    Commercial venture, but nevertheless worth a dekko.

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