Sri Maha Pratyangira Temple, Bangalore

Pratyangira Temple

Today, I thought of not going out and was reviewing some blogs on Indiblogger.  As I was going through some information, I saw this temple’s pictures.  I was very curious about “Pratyangira Devi” as this is a Lion-headed female god and looks very furious.  Temples of this deity are very rare and the people who worship this deity are also very less.  Hence, I called up the numbers I got from the net and headed towards the temple.

It was little difficult to find the address as this area is underdeveloped and is not a famous temple.  There were no signboards about the temple anywhere and even the people whom I asked were also not aware of the name of the temple.

This temple is dedicated to “Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi” and “Shri Jnana Muneshwara Swamy”.

How to reach:

By own vehicle:  From Kathriguppa reach AGS layout and go straight up until you reach Kengeri-Uttarahalli road.  From there go towards Kengeri and need to take left just before “Patalamma temple” that is an 80-feet road.  This road goes to some Ashram.  Near the dead end take left go up 0.5 km that goes to “Turahalli colony”, again need to take right after half kilometer.  Evening hours you can hear the devotional songs from the temple.  It is a bit difficult to find the address as people around will be North Indians and they are unfamiliar with the locality.

By Bus:  Take busses either from Kengeri or Uttarahalli and get down at “Patalamma temple” and go through the rout explained above.


Sri Jnana Muneshwara Swamy and Shri Pratyangira Devi Temple

Turahalli, Uttarahalli Hobli, Subramanyapura Post

Bangalore – 560062

Contact: 9845996306, 9845223349, 9900820454

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124 Responses to Sri Maha Pratyangira Temple, Bangalore

  1. Kiran says:

    Did you see similar pooja and Homam wherein Dry Red Chiili is offered and we dont experience the pungent smell.

    • yes, I visited one in Mysore. That temple name is Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple. There swamiji does Pratyangira Homam and Red Chilli is offered during the Homam.

    • venkatesh says:

      yes ,pratyangira homam i hav been there hey have put 20 kgs of dry chilli there was no a bit of pungent smell ,

    • Mano Nathan says:

      I went through the 105 Postings and realised there seems to be confusion about the location I have been to this area but not to the temple (yet). Will definitely visit.

      I traced the location on Google map and given it below. click on the link below and open it on your browser or your google maps.
      Google Map location Link:

      On any other map you can search on these GEO Location Pointers : 12.892491, 77.536364

      Best wishes
      Mano Nathan

      • ags says:

        Can pooja be done without self presence ie on ownself behalf by priest there.
        BeCause. a person can not travel due ill health and sick.

        Or, Can pray just chanting prathyangira devi shloke at home,
        without attracting any Devi’s wrath.
        Please help!

  2. Pradeep sarma says:

    Hello Dear Pratyangira Devotees,

    I am a very staunch believer & Devotee of Devi Pratyankira.She is a universe of love & guidance that you can only feel & experience.At difficult time she lets one go through the toughtest of times because that way Man learns to be humble….but at the end, if you are deserving human the mother will eleviate you out of all the difficulties.That is Pratyankira devi….

    Coming to the Homam with dry red chillies, there seem to be many temples cropping up all over the country with many swamiji’s & guruji’s performing this homam.Believe me the homam with red chillies is extremely powerful,with the power to ward of all sorts of evil,destroy enemies,but it is also extremely dangerous if done by any body & everybody withs ulterior intentions & motives.

    Before one can decide to perform the Pratyankira homam, Please be aware that one should never use the pratyankira power for individual benefits.

    I know of a case where the person bypassed our Masters instructions,brought another master to perform a Homam in his residence for individual benefit,he is now in shambles.Please Please never do that.

    Pray Pratyankiara with utmost sincerity,pray for the entire world, since you are anyway a part of the world community ,you are protected.

    Our Hindu Culture says ” Sarve Janan Sukhino Bhavanthu”

    So lets all pray Pratyankira with the above verse in mind and stay in peace,the world will also be a better palce to live in.

    • DevSree says:

      Pradeep sarma, im agree watever u mention in ur comment,she is most powerful goddess,she is universe in short..! We should never ever try Pratyangira devi homam at home..And u r rite we should pray for world,,”Sarve janan sukhino bhavanthu”.

    • Ram Rudra Muraari says:

      Dear pradeep sharma ji,
      I read yr statement and want to know all about shri maata pratyangira.can u helap me? i also want to know all about homam where shri maataa pratyangira homam is performed with their contact numbers. can i be conversated with u if u would like. if yes then pls make a missed call on my number08269154553.pls help me coz there is a very side range of enemiety with mail

    • abhi says:

      who can perform this homam individual cannot perform it

  3. vidya says:

    once i visited maha prathyangira temple near kumbakonam.because i was in a very critical position.i humbly sat in front of mother and beg for justice. no body was their to protect me other than mother.i got result within 3 believe it or not i got
    100% result.i dont know how to give thanks to my beloved mother.out side ugra roopa but in side there is a heart of mother.once again i thank mother of universe.

    • ajay says:

      u r lucky, but u must have met with umpteen failures before reaching the Right Place…
      pl let me know if any guru can guide me about initiation…
      i am in serious need of help..!

    • Dear Vidya

      I am also in a big trouble please let me know the details of the temple which you said which is in kumbakonam i would like to visit and pray the Mother to help me out.

      Please let me know the details

      • DevSree says:

        Temple Address & Contact Info of Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple – Ayyavadi
        Ayyavadi Sri Mahaprithyangardevi Temple
        Sri. A.N.Dhandabani Gurukkal,
        Sannathi Street, Ayyavadi,
        Thirunageswram – 612204,
        Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, South India.
        Phone: +914352463414 & +914352464452
        Mobile: +919442422053 & +919047881000
        Thr is train frm bangalore to of luck!

      • NAveen says:


        With the Grace of DEVI i was able to visit the temple last saturday and was able to get some guidance and a type of solution from the HEAD of the TEMPLE. Need to implement his suggestion. I request you all to visit this and feel your own experiences.


    • ags says:

      Im a Sr citizen (70 yrs) from mumbai, having an unmarried daughter (43Y) who is unwell and unable to perform daily chorus, tired all time. Done all medical remedies with specialists but in vain.
      (1). Can some you/ sonmone advise me if Pratingira dei pooja be done on her behalf
      and prasadam and vibhuti sent to us by post, as me/ she can not travel…
      what wud be the approx cost as I am …u know what i mean, u fellas!

      (2). CAN the SIMPLE Pooja be performd at our Home, myself without any ill effects?

      WE Need HELP desperately…. Jay Pratinga devi.

      Sri Mata Pratingira devi bless u all.
      by – AGS, Mumbai-India.

  4. Roopa says:

    can any one tell me how to go pratyangiri temple uttarahalli from JP nagar

    • Hi Roopa,

      From JP Nagar reach Uttarahalli Bus Stand from there take the road which goes to Kengeri (uttarahalli – Kengeri Road) and ask anybody about “How to reach Turahalli”. In How to reach section, I have already put the route map and also the contact number. Kindly refer the same.

  5. Roopa says:

    thanks for your reply one of my cousing is told me about this temple so iam planning to go tomorrow

  6. bharat says:

    Are there any maha pratiyangira temple in bangalore which conducts homam regularly every month?
    Definitely I would like to participate


    • There is a Maha Pratyangira Temple in Bangalore which i posted on but I am not sure whether they conduct Homam regularly. In Mysore, there is a Pratyangira temple where they conduct Pratyangira homam regularly. There you can definitely participate

      • Damodaran says:

        There is a Pratyangira temple in Amruthalli – Bangalore wher regular homa is performed on Amavasya day in the evening

  7. gajanand says:

    please give me information whether anybody could perform nikumbila yaga

  8. gajanand says:

    please any information who could perform nikumbila yaga

  9. malathy says:

    nikumbila yaga – Should the entire family participate in the yaga. Can our child who is 11 year old also participate in this yaga. or only the parents can do it. please let us know. thank you so much. Namaskar.

  10. Damodaran says:

    There is another temple of Sri maha pratankira in Amruthalli (after Amruthall police station).with Sri renuka Devi ,

    • Devotee says:

      Please post the complete address and contact number of the temple in Amruthalli.

    • Please tell me where this temple for Maha Priityankara in Amruthahalli situated.

      Please sms me. I want to go for the evening pooja, today being New moon day… My mobile no 9945730099 Thanks

      • GS says:

        For those who live on the other side of Bangalore (Hebbal / around Airport Road), there is another PRATHYANKARA temple in AMRITHAHALLI.

        On the Airport Road, as the Bridge commences, you need to look for a SIGN BOARD “AMRITHAHALLI”.
        If you drive about 1/2 KM, you will see a water tank.
        Take a left there.
        If you go another 1/4 mile, you can see SOBHA APARTMENT COMPLEX.
        Take a RIGHT there.
        Drive another 1 KM.
        This temple is situated on a small lane on the right side (Visible from the main road).
        I have visited this temple, prayed and got the blessings of this powerful ALMIGHTY.

        May GOD bless all of US.


  11. S says:

    Thank you @ the first post with the address of the temple located at Toorahalli, Bangalore.
    Nice temple, with shrines of Sri Maha Ganapathi, Sri Maha Vishnu, and Sri Gyan Muneshwara.
    The people who run the temple are very curteous, and provide prasadam almost everyday.
    The temple is maintained very well.

    The goddess, is very powerful and we have been blessed by h er so far, in the last 2 months that we have been going there.

    More updates to follow.

  12. Ron says:

    I have heard about the powers of the goddess. Any idea why this temple at Kumbakonam is built in the middle of 6 graves?

  13. murali says:

    Hi, its murali from JP Nagar 4th phase, bangalore. it is 2kms from Oppaliappan kovil in kumbakoona. any auto driver will take you there. good to be there on ammavasa pooja. This is the temple where TN Jayalalitha offered poojas when difficult times and she came back to power.

  14. Ashwin says:

    Yes.. Is is considered to remove black magic effects for people and is also extremely ferocious. And not just that.. The yagya that is done is of chilli. :) Its called Molaga Yagya (Chilli Yagya). Her favorite color is Violet. And her favorite fruits are dates and pomgranite. If you guys want to visit her origin place then please do check Ayyavadi (Ayvervadi) is a place near to kumbokonam. Her temple is located in midst of Grave. :-) However once we visit her origin temple, there is sure to happen good in our life. There are many other pratyangira temples in tamilnadu and also in karnataka. She is not so popular goddess. Yet she is definitely the most powerful goddess. :-)

    • Naveen says:


      Om Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi Nam:

      Not the Devi will having a lot of devotees she is not getting know to the world very clearly.

      Devi Bless all of us.

      Om Namao Bagavathe Maha Bhairavaya Nam:

  15. shyam says:

    What is the cost of this Homa in Turahalli & in Amruthalli/Hebbal Temples on Newmoon and Fullmoon days?
    Can we sit for the homa?
    How time does the homa take?

  16. Arka says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this forum and have been searching a lot for information on Devi Maa. I am person who has been under the influence of black magic since the past more than 10 yrs & faced a constant downfall in every sphere, finally lost my job in 2008. Have been to many tantriks, lost a lot of money & now basically given up hope on life…I don’t know what has god even written the story of my life for? Don’t know whether to get up in the morning or wish that somehow my breath will stop and this life will be over. My sadness is no longer at the person who did this but at the fact that why was the supreme entity just silent while my life is just dissolving into nothing.
    However, since have to live life cos cannot kill myself in front of my children, reading some of these articles on Devi Maa seems to be some light in the dark.
    Since I am not a localite my questions are as follows:
    A) This temple is the same one which is near Chennai as provided on this link .. as below :
    Temple Address & Contact Info
    of Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi
    Temple – Ayyavadi
    Ayyavadi Sri Mahaprithyangardevi
    Sri. A.N.Dhandabani Gurukkal,
    Sannathi Street, Ayyavadi,
    Thirunageswram – 612204,
    Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, South India.
    Phone +914352463414 +914352464452
    Mobile:+919442422053 +919047881000

    B) If not then is the temple mentioned in this article near Bangalore or near Mysore as i do not know where is Uttrahalli

    C) Someone has mentioned Nikilumba Yagya while others have mentioned that going to Devi Maa and praying gets relief, pls advise what is the best path, if some yagya has to be done then is it done in the mandir by the preists over there itself ? Anyone in particular I should go and meet

    D) If regular yagya is done at Mysore then it is more advisable to go there ?

    I would humbly beg any brother / sister who has been relieved by Devi Maa’s grace can point me in the right direction.

    • Hello Arka,

      This is just a blog, not forum. If you go through the complete blog post, it is easy to find out the answer for all your questions. Kindly, go through the entire blog post which includes even the contact address, how to reach, and phone numbers.


      • Vignesh says:

        Hi Parwathi, I am not that familiar with the routes in Bangalore . I stay at Indiranagar (near HAL old aiport) .Can you guide me to the route to the temple from my place in detail please.I would be travelling by a pvt taxi.

      • arun says:

        Dear madam,

        I am from Bangalore and i see that there is no recent post done in this blog. The last post is somewhere in January 2012 which is long time. So i would like to know why there is no recent post done after january.

        Awaiting for a early reply


    • Srinivas Kota says:


      Do you still need a definate way?


  17. LV Chenteley says:


    I don’t know who you are but thank you for putting up this blog. I’m a devotee of Prathyangira Devi and attend the Amavasya Pooja every month in Singapore. I was in a fix wondering what to do for the 24th Dec 2011 as i was going to be in Bangalore on vacation with my parents. Instincts told me to google and check if there’s a temple nearby and truly enough I chanced upon your blog. Miraculously, when i reached Bangalore, i discovered that my dad had bought a car just a week back and armed with the Iphone GPS in hand, we set out in the morning. I must say we got lost for a bit but the compassionate mother somehow guided us to her temple through Mr Singh [whose number you had thankfully posted on the blog]. I’m also happy that this marked my father’s first experience at Her Homam. Guess his destiny was to see her in Turahalli. :)

    God Bless and Thank You! :)

    • Mukund says:


      where in Singapore is the Pratyangira pooja on amavasya day? I would like to attend. Thanks

    • LV Chenteley says:

      Hi… Apologize for the late reply. Prathyangira Maa’s Homam is held on Ammaavaasai days every month at the Sri Muneeswaran Temple in Commonwealth Drive. It’s right next to a church. Do join us.

    • Vignesh says:

      Hi, I am not that familiar with the routes in Bangalore . I stay at Indiranagar (near HAL old aiport) .Can you guide me to the route to the temple from my place in detail please.I would be travelling by a pvt taxi.

      • Rajesh says:

        HI, I had not heard of this Devi’s temple until my brother was asked to pray to her for solving some of his problems. So after his visit his problem was solved within 5 days. After that we had been to the temple though not on amavasya day. We have planned to visit the temple again this month. regarding Mr. Vignesh’s route to the temple. U reach Banashankari and travel towards kanakpura road. After metro u keep going straight and after about 3 -4 kms u have a petorl bunk on the left side. Opposite to the pertorl bunk take a right turn . This is a narrow road which is about one and half km or so. on the right hand side of the road u find Matri Serenity. u go through the road and at the dead end take a right. from there u could ask anybody and they should be able to guide u.

  18. sridhar says:

    We have Pratyangira matha temple even at Hyderabad. It is situated at R.K. Puram, Road No. 1, Dilsukhnagar/saroornagar, HYDERABAD – 500 035. Here also Yagna with red chilly is conducted regularly.

  19. Devotee says:

    Does anybody knows where exactly Pratyangira temple located in Amruthalli/Hebbal? Please post the landmark and other details like homa cost.

  20. Mridul says:

    I have visited this temple today and its a beautiful place. 23rd & 24th February 2012 is the second anniversary of this temple and there is a big program organised for the same.

    Someone asked about the Homam with chillies. YES it is conducted in this temple.

    Another route to reach this place is keep going on Uttarahalli road and ask for Turahalli. The road diverts into 2 wherin one road goes to the Patalamma temple and the other towards Turahalli. Keep going straight on the Turahalli road for about 1 km and look for a Shani temple on yor right just after the Shani temple take the next right and keep going uphill for about half a km and then take left and then the second right to reach the temple. This route is easier and better populated as compared to the one mentioned above.

    Bus riders can take bus no 374 from Jayanagar 4th block which has a stop exclusively for the Maa Pratyangira temple or people coming from Majestic can take bus no 210 which turns just before the temple.

    A Word of caution : I say this out of experience and knowlegde about Maa. I have been praying to her for more than10 years now and She is quite different than other godesses in the sense that she may not like anyone or everyone to offer her pooja & archana so please avoid keeping her photos mantras etc unless she permits else she is Bhadrakalli and your offerings might give the opposite effect and you or your loved ones lives could turn completely upside down. Please understand that she is a very Ukkra form of a goddess there is a lot of energy/heat around her which might not go well with everyone.

    • Vignesh says:

      Hi Mridul, I am not that familiar with the routes in Bangalore . I stay at Indiranagar (near HAL old aiport) .Can you guide me to the route to the temple from my place in detail please.I would be travelling by a pvt taxi.

  21. Vignesh says:

    I got to know about the goddess “Pratyangira Devi” via News 9 today via a documentary of the goodness.Immediately i was on Google to collect more information on the temple at turahalli.I really wish to go and meet the goddess along with my parents and seek her blessing and remove all obstacles . I have read all the notes on the blog out here and want your advise and suggestion on what do i do with the problem i am going thru..i had met with a car accident in 2007 and have lost my right eyesight, nothing materializing on my marriage front because of this issue.I see my parents have also been totally down because they see their son who is still single at age 35.I don’t knw wht to do and why me?because of this even at work i am unable to take challenging roles and lose out on promotions which is also becoming a concern for me.Should i go and visit the temple and ask for help?I do believe in all God and am a traditional guy who does Pooja and prayers everyday.Please help..

    • Naveen says:

      Hi Mr.Vignesh,

      There is nothing to think ok its a good decision please visit the temple and keep the trust on the DEVI she will surely bless U just surrender yourself to DEVI she will take care of everything.

      If possible visit AYYAVADI Pratyangira Devi temple which is located near to Kumbakonam. There you can talk to the HEAD PRIEST he will guide you.


      • Vignesh says:

        Hi, I am not that familiar with the routes in Bangalore . I stay at Indiranagar (near HAL old aiport) .Can you guide me to the route to the temple from my place in detail please.I would be travelling by a pvt taxi.If you can pass on your mobile no.will call u for route details.

  22. kiran says:

    it v good

  23. Satheesh chandra S P says:

    dear sir,i have facing lot of problem regarding finances relationship and health court cases. since 2008 many puja homa done.but also not daughter and son waiting for marriage. whereever asks. the result is black magic problem.what is the remedy for this there puja or homa or pray in pratyangira devi in bangalore {thurahalli}.please help me
    Satheesh chandra S P 974140054

  24. Muruga says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is prithiyangara devi temple in coimbatore , tamilnadu???

  25. Vignesh says:

    I stay at Indiranagar (near HAL old aiport) .Can some one guide me to the route to the temple from my place in detail please.I would be travelling by a pvt taxi.

  26. Mridul says:

    Hi Vignesh,
    Please go to the temple for sure. She is MAA and she will surely bless you if you just have blind faith in her. Dont doubt her please. The route is very simple. Whatever way you go you either have to reach Uttrahalli so either take the NICE Road as i explained before or reach Jaynagar and ask anyone how to reach Uttrahalli. You would reach Kengeri Uttrahalli road which will take you the temple.You might have to ask people on the Uttrahalli/Kengeri road as not many people know about it but if u ask them for Turahalli you should reach the place. There are a lot of new buildings like Shobha, MAX etc coming up in that area. all th best mate… MAA will surely bless you

  27. sandeep says:

    thank you very much. This post was very helpful indeed. God bless you

  28. Thanks a lot ,,, this post was very helpful indeed ,, god bless you :)

  29. Vignesh says:

    Finally I visited the temple today.It was Devi Maa’s call which made me visit her and offer her my prayers along with my parents .Am really blessed to see her and spend an hour in the temple.
    Got to know the route and landmark with the help of a office colleague who could converse in Kannada and called up the mobile no. as mentioned in the blog and was given the landmark from Banashankari temple( I have mentioned the route in detail below).Booked a private taxi and headed to the temple at 8 am from my home in Indiranagar.Reached there around 9:30 am without any difficulty in the routes, all the people in that area know about this temple and they guided the correct route.The treasurer of the temple out there was so very helpful and co-operative and told me and my parents about the temple and the devi’s shakti and why is the devi so powerful.As per the treasurer ,the Devi is worshipped to remove obstacles, black magic, dristi .On Amavasaya day Homam is done .
    We wanted to do the archana and had carried flowers for offering to devi, we purchased coconuts , camphor & agarbatti from the temple premises only .Also as per the treasurer when the temple closes at 11:30 am worshippers who want to burst a cracker can let them know and the temple authorithy will do the same on our behalf.Looks like its a tradition /belief for our prayers to be answered.As we told the treasurer that its our first visit to the temple and had come from Indiranagar ,we were told to wait till 10 am for the pooja archana to happen as the naivedyam was being done for the GOD.The temple has 3 to 4 priests and around 10 am the priests had the archana done after the naivedyam was ready.

    The temple is very clam ,quite and you really get peace of mind. The surroundings are nice, airy,a few apartments coming up in the temples vicinity .
    There is another route from Banashankari Bus Stand (around 7.5 km) to the Sri Maha Pratyangira Temple.
    – take the route going towards Banashankari Temple and Kanakapura Road where the metro rail is coming up
    – you will pass via METRO CASH & CARRY (on your right side)
    – You will pass via KHODAYS (on your left side)
    – you will pass via the new ISKON CENTER (which is under construction on your right side)
    – keep going straight till Gubbalala Gate ( Landmark : on the left side you will notice a HP Petrol pump and Shravanthi Kalyana Mantapa )
    – As soon as you notice that landmark as mentioned above ,take the right which takes you to a narrow road , this is the Banashankari 6th stage Main Rd.
    – you will pass via Mantri lakeview houses on your right side – keep driving straight on the road till you rach a junction
    – you will notice a Board in the junction with the temple direction and take the right turn
    – keep going straight and take the 2nd left turn
    – keep going straight and you will notice another junction and also a board with the temple direction towards the right side
    – Follow the same route till you reach Chartered Beverly Hills apartment complex (on the extreme right side)
    – Take the immediate left road after the apartment ad go straight and then take the fist right turn and towards your left side you will notice the Sri Maha Pratyangira Temple.

    • PP says:


      Many many blessings to you, brother. Because today if I could go to the temple, it is only because of your very clear directions. I see that you kept on asking for directions to the temple and got no satisfactory reply – yet somehow found it out yourself.

      A month back, I went with someone else with great expectations and yet could not locate the place (god knows where really I trailed off….that day I did not note the phone number too, so could not verify on the way), but today I woke up in the morning and told myself I am somehow going to locate the mandir. I visited this blog to note the phone numbers of that temple – and lo! I see your step-by-step directions. It was soooo easy to locate the temple because of you! You will definitely be blessed by the Mother for facilitating Her ardent children to go see Her.

      Thanks to you!! A small correction – it is Indian Oil Petrol Bunk and Mantri Tranquil – not HP Petrol bunk or Mantri Lake View….just so it does not confuse anybody who is keen to go there.

  30. Jeyashree Raghava says:

    Jeyashree Raghava, Bangalore.

    Instead of taking a long route I would suggest, alight at the last bus stop at Uttarahalli,
    Hire an auto (up & down – 6 kmts). This is the nearest & easiest way.

  31. rajani says:

    Jeya, can you tell me how to reach from utarahalli bus stop pls
    i am planning to visit the temple in weekend

  32. CHETAN says:


  33. Ambika Mira says:

    Muruga it is:
    Sri MahaPrathyankira Thava Peetam
    # 1, Double street,
    Tamil Nadu, INDIA

    Phone: +91.422.2580781

    Mobile: +91.9894233755


    He conducts homam every month and is an astrologer with accuracy and can help you deal with Muslim and Hindu tantra.

    Of course Ayyavadi is the best – it is her birthplace and the Swamiyar’s there are excellent.

    Another one is near Sri Aurobindo ashram’ hub in Puducherry – ask auto’s after visiting Samadhi for Morattandi.

    You may also visit Her husband Sri Sarabeshwarar in Thirubuvanam – his Original temple.

    Good luck. Devi will guide you to each. It is Her GRACE that saves US.

    You can say a devotee of Mother Aurobindo in Bangalore gave you his reference.

  34. Srini says:

    was just browsing the articles on black magic and got into this blog. at 10.35am went thru the blog and reached the temple by 11.25am today..thanks so much for the route and the information. felt very good. Temple is very nice and calm. Got the photograph and the prasadam from the priest. again, thanks.

  35. Kavya sunandaraj says:

    kavya sunandaraj. I visited the temple 15 days ago its a ice temple after visiting this temple lot of positive changes have happened to me… i was told to visit from my gemologist Ambuja….

  36. Bhaskar.k says:

    To Reach sri maha pratyangira temple in turahalli,
    There is a bus from jaynagar 4Th block which has a stop in front of this sri maha pratyangira temple. The Bus Route no is 374.

  37. rvmani says:

    You can come to Uttarahalli bus terminus. From there proceed towards Subramanyapura Police Station. Proceed further. On the right, Subramanya temple will be there. Proceed further. The road will take an automatic left turn. Don’t take that left turn. Proceed straight into the small muddy road. Go straight in that road for about 1 to 1 1/2 Km. On the right, one Sani Bhagwan temple will be there. Take the next right. (In the corner, one 25 floor apartments from Jain builders is coming. it is under construction). Proceed for about 1 to 1 1/2 Km. On the left, DS max apartments will be there. Just close to that is the temple.

    Bus No.374 terminates at the temple (from Jayanagar 4th Block)

    Bus No.210W from Majestic goes through this route.

    • Dwaraka nath acharya says:

      The road route for Bangalore south is –
      When you are coming from Vasanthapura- Vasanth vallabha temple ( Bannerghatta – Kengeri Road )
      1) Uttarahalli Road- After Power House
      2) Take left to Yadalam Nagar
      3) After about < I km After Saneeswara Temple take right
      4) After about 500 mtrs Left dead end
      5) Take right – end of the road – Temple in Kerala style hut style
      Advisory :
      The road looks pretty isolated even in day time so avoid traveling in night on this road

  38. S says:

    Her highness, has helped us a lot. The temple at Toorahalli is very simple and awesome; maintained extremely very well. People there are very kind and obliging.
    For this navarathri, there will be homam conducted everyday. For more details, please contact the temple people. The phone provided by the great person in the first post, holds good.

  39. sriram says:

    excellant information about maapratyangira devi temple

  40. sriram says:

    tank you verymuch

  41. mahesh says:

    thanks for the detailed blog and directions, went and had a dharshan felt very peaceful

  42. supreeth says:

    Hi all ,

    I am new to this blog …………….i am also effected from effect and m not upto myexpectations from many years …………i feel dull and inactive and weakend from many years …from past 3-4 years i m having one or the other kind of disease not able to eat food i like …..seems like i have lost somewhere , lazy and no interest do anything new in life and my marriage also i am postoping beacause of some fear ………i want to get out of this fear ………….can anybody help me ? Whether i should visit this temple for my fear removal ? Whehter in this temple any blac magic removal they perform ?

    Hi vighnesh / Parwathi ,

    YOur guidance and experiences will be helpful for me in this .


  43. sowmya says:

    hello everyone i have a small family problem with my husband and mother in law. my mail told me to visit this temple and pray the goddess and everything will be fine… can u ppl share similar experiences.

  44. madhu says:

    thanks for all who told about pratyangira devi temple details

  45. Sanjana says:

    God bless you all for passing this message.

  46. Jaya says:

    Also there is a temple in coimbatore Sri Raja Rajeshwari where red chillies are offerred for chandi homam

  47. sathya says:

    Hello freinds,

    There is one more temple near ramohalli near Kengeri district called as MUKHTI NAGA temple. 8 ft idol of Naga , first of its kind in bangalore . Also there is nearby
    TRI MURTHI devi temple – Prathynaghara Devi, Kempambika Devi, Naga Durga devi ( TRI MURTHI devi) . They also provide anna Dhana daily till 3pm. Wonderfull ways to donate and give your offerings.

  48. Shilpa says:

    Can anyone guide me, to go Prathyangira Temple from Nelamangala. Is there any buses from Nelamangala. Please let me know.

  49. jaihanumaan says:

    very very good informations

  50. Arun says:

    Hi all,
    I am from Malleshwaram, Bangalore can anyone guide me how to travel with own vehicle from Malleshwaram. Also can people share their expierience or views after performing homa to Goddess.

  51. Mathangi says:

    Is there any prathyangara temple in Hebbal
    can anyone help us

  52. Nagaraja K R says:

    It is very easy to reach tae temple from Uttarahalli circle move towards Gubbalala gate right side u can sea lake after the lake u there is temple board , there u have to take right turn from there half a Km. u will find Temple from Uttarahalli cicle hardly 3 K M

  53. Geetha says:

    Is there any pratyangira temple in amruthalli

  54. Soumya gowda says:

    Iam planning to visit this temple very early

  55. Soumya gowda says:

    Thank you very much for all of ur informations friends

  56. Mahananda says:

    Thank you everyone for providing me the information about MAA PRATYANGIRA DEVI and her temple in Uttarahalli. By the grace of MAA I got the opportunity to visit the temple on 24th Oct. 2013 and take her blessings…Just a few days back I got to know about MAA by all your information provided in this blog and I was so eager to visit the temple and see her…I am sure by the grace of her all evil forces from my/our life will go away and she will protect us from any such evils and also show the right path in life…

  57. GS says:

    For those who live on the other side of Bangalore (Hebbal / around Airport Road), there is another PRATHYANKARA temple in AMRITHAHALLI.

    On the Airport Road, as the Bridge commences, you need to look for a SIGN BOARD “AMRITHAHALLI”.
    If you drive about 1/2 KM, you will see a water tank.
    Take a left there.
    If you go another 1/4 mile, you can see SOBHA APARTMENT COMPLEX.
    Take a RIGHT there.
    Drive another 1 KM.
    This temple is situated on a small lane on the right side (Visible from the main road).
    I have visited this temple, prayed and got the blessings of this powerful ALMIGHTY.

    May GOD bless all of US.


  58. abhi says:

    please send me the cost of homa in Bangalore and kumbakonam temple

  59. N.R.CHANDRAN. says:

    By reading all the comments , most of us are humbled, i have heard lot about merging famous Maha Prathyangar Devi, I plan to leave in another 2 days for the said temple with visiting other Navagraha temples, (by car) if interested anyone can join with respective vehicles and visit them
    contact no.+919141693802 , Chandran

  60. bharath says:

    there is another temple near ulsoor:

  61. Soumya gowda says:

    Frnds i visited d temple on november 17th felt very happy.But d maintainance is very poor,and money minded archakas

  62. prem says:

    Hi, I was advised by my leaf reading to do a chandi homa at Ma Pratyangire Devi in Ayyavadi, your website has been very helpful but can someone please advise me is the nigumbalai yagam the same as the chandi Yagam ? Can someone pls help? I am not familiar with this and don’t understand, tq

  63. SUHAS S ARADYA says:

    Friends ,I am shocked that none of you know that Prathayangira homa is performed every month on the day of no moon(amavasya) at DURGA PARAMESHWARI TEMPLE at Vidyaranyapura.

    Address: 9th Cross Rd, 6 Block, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore, Karnataka 560097
    Phone:080 2364 0048

    It is a very Famous and Powerful temple.Visit it once with devotion and I am sure you will visit it again and again.

    For more information
    1) just google it out
    2)visit “”

  64. VEENA says:

    Adress of pratyangari devi temple,hyderabad,AP

    • Mallik says:

      Sri Maha Prathyagira Parameswari Devi Temple at Ramakrishnapuram, in Hyderabad was constructed in 2005. It’s the Prathyangira temple in Andhra Pradesh, under the auspices of Kurtalam Pitam, Tamilnadu, headed by His Holiness Sri Siddeshwarananda Bharathi Swamiji.

    • Chinna says:

      Sri Prathyangira Temple
      Shivasri Mulugu Mallikarjuna Rao
      Kurtalam Pitam, Road No. 1, Cross Road 4
      Sri Rama Krishnapuram
      Near Dilsuknagar
      Hyderabad – 500 035
      Phone : +91 40 2403 5375
      +91 98491 60706
      Email :

  65. Dev says:

    Friends, there is a Pratyankira Devi temple in K.R PURAM, after the railway station. Regular homam is conducted during Amavasya. Land mark: exactly at the Tin factory bus stop, below d sky walk bridge. Also known as d Om Sakthi temple.

    There is also a temple in Amrutahalli after Hebbal. I was suffering from serious issues of black magic and I attended the Homam during an Amavasya on Feb 13, 2013.
    The temple is taken care by a person named Damodaran, he is very helpful and knowledgeable..he has very good knowledge abt peforming d homam n my life has transformed after visiting the temple. The temple is designed in d form of a yantra with other gods covering each corner of d temple. I feel blessed to hv found her at a stage where I was facing almost death like circumtances.
    Unfortunately i hv nt been able to visit this beautiful temple because i stay in south Bangalore n d homams are performed late in d evenings. But i have been getting her blessings in Kr puram temple.
    If anyone is visting d temple or attendin d homam in Bangalore i wud b happy to accompany u :)
    8971726176 or 8553037097

    May Maa Pratyankira Devi bless us all.
    Regards: Dev

  66. Savitha R says:

    Sir, I am going through some legal case with my sister-in-law from past 8 years. I want to come out of this issue as early as possible. I am also planning to visit this temple shortly. MAA should help me with her blessings.

  67. Ramya says:

    Its really great to read all your comments for sri maha prathiayangari devi temple at turahalli.
    one must visit the temple.. let lord prathiyangari devi blessings be with you all and shower loads of happiness and positive energy in your life.
    Thank you,
    Temple Trustee.

  68. Mahesh says:

    As already posted by SUHAS S ARADYA, Prathayangira homa is performed every month on the day of no moon(amavasya) at DURGA PARAMESHWARI TEMPLE at Vidyaranyapura. The cost is Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only). You can take the pooja ticket one day before at one hour before the homa. It is available at the temple’s offece. They do not issue tickets in advance. You can not book on phone. The homa would start at 05:30pm & ends at 09:30pm. Prasadam would be available immediatelyl after the pooja. You will get one coconut (to be placed in the front door of the house) and ‘tayita’. May god bless you all.

  69. samruddhi says:

    Dear all, i just came to know about the “DIVINE MAA” i thank everyone for the details about temple. love d thanks

  70. samruddhi says:

    dear all, i just kept a wish to go to temple d DIVINE MAA Is already solving my problems. thank u all from u ppl only i know the address to reach temple.

  71. Nitesh poojary says:

    Is there any prathyangara temple in Mumbai?
    pleas friends help me.

  72. Mallik says:

    Hi I am keen on visiting temple in Amritahally as I stay near mathikere. Please note the link from wicki with the list of temples.

  73. Sudheer says:

    On second day of my marraige,my wife told that she got married due to her mother force.Just after 15 days we both got seperated. We applied for mutual divorce,but i want my wife to come back.Want mother blessings to for the same.

  74. Chinna says:

    Please Let us Know the Cost of HOMAM at Kumbakonam and process of payment. How should we book in advance for Pooja? How many members are allowed for Pooja to Sit and generally at what time Pooja starts? Homam is performed on Amavasya and Pournami also ? What is the Mode of PAYMENT?

  75. Sri says:

    hello i didnt go through all the comments but just wanted to let you know that there is pratyangira devi temple even in Hosur,TN . 40 kms from bangalore
    In Hosur they perform the dry chilli homam every month on full moon and same pooja is done on no moon days in bangalore . I have been waitin for 6 months to participate in this pooja and i was waiting for pournami to fall on a weekend and today is the day ! I just participated in this homam
    Feeling blessed
    The pooja is from 6-9 pm ,so many had come from bangalore.The temple is located in moranapalli,hosur.Also it is less crowded .

  76. A. JAGANMOHAN RAO says:

    Parvathi Madam,

    Incidentally my Mother”s name is also PARVATHI. Madam, I am a retired person aged 70 years but very active in spiritual line especially I am a staunch devotee of LALITHA TRIPURA SUNDARI AND RECITE SAHASRANAMAS DAILY. I ALSO RECITE PRATYANGIRA ASHTOTHARA NAMAS DAILY.




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