Visit to Dr. Vishnuvardhan Samadhi

Vishnuvardhan Tomb

On the way home while coming back from Omkar hills, I visited Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s Samadhi near Abhiman Studio on Uttarahalli-Kengeri road.  There was a big crowd around his Samadhi (tomb), each one was taking snaps standing near the tomb.  He was a legendary actor in Kannada film industry and has a big circle of fans.  Vishnuvardhan died on 30 December 2009 due to heart attack at around 2:30 A.M. in Mysore.

Vishnuvardhan Samadhi

He was born in Mysore on 18th September 1950 and used to live in Chamundipuram.  His father was H.L. Narayana Rao and mother Kamakshamma.  His earlier name was “Sampathkumar” and named as “Vishnuvardhan” by famous director “Puttanna Kanagal” during “Naagarahaavu” film production and became a star through this film.  He acted in more than 200 films and his last film was “Aptharakshaka”.  He acted even in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi films.  He was married to Kannada actress Bharati and adopted two daughters, Keerthi and Chandana.  He was died at his young age of 59 and I don’t think that it is an age to die.  Now a days, heart problems are taking many lives due to stress factors, eating habits, and food.

Sunset in Bangalore

On the way back, I caught a beautiful sunset on my camera.  A lead Kannada actor died as if the sun went down the earth.  I sincerely pray God to let his soul rest in peace.

Sunset in Bangalore

How to reach:

Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s Samadhi is located in Rajarajeshwari Nagar.  It is on Uttarahalli-Kengeri road.

Distance:  3-4 Km from Kengeri.

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16 Responses to Visit to Dr. Vishnuvardhan Samadhi

  1. Vishwanatha.M says:

    I like Dr.Vishnuvardhan My Favourite Hero & My Boss.

  2. virupanna kumbar says:

    yes,we missed one of the iconic stars in kannada industry.

  3. ANAND B.M says:

    I am perfect fan of vishnu sir,,i felt really so bad coz of der absence with,,,,but i sincerly and heartly pray god to give peace for der soul……vishnu sir forever

  4. dinesh kalyadi says:

    my fevorhit hero i miss you

  5. Nitesh says:

    I am a Big fan of vishnu sir. Now we all miss visnu sir lot..

  6. Somashekar says:

    Come once again VISHNU SIR…..

  7. pradeep.Gidaveer says:

    i m big fan of vishnu sir love u sir

  8. rajeev says:

    I love vishnu sir film

  9. pramod says:

    vishnu sir is the one of the favairate actor in indian film industry .and very human being but big loss in the kannada cinema
    i am very big fan of you vishnu sir

  10. SHIVU INCHAL says:


  11. Lakshmana says:

    I love vishnu dada

  12. V S Harsha says:

    My boss and all time favo hero is simha vishnu boss.

  13. Nagaveni says:

    Vishnu sir is the best actor in kannada industry.I like very much vishnu sir we miss you sir.
    I am big fan of you Vishnu sir.

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