Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple – Mysore

Pratyangira Bhagavati

Sri Pratyangira Devi is a furious form of God.  There are very few temples of the Goddess in India.  This beautiful and powerful temple is situated nearly 20 km away from Mysore.  Here in this temple, she is in the form of Pratyangira Yogeshwari which is the condensed form of the goddess and is worshipped in Srichakra.  Temple is run by Sri Yogavidananda, who is basically practicing Tantra and Astrology. 

Pratyangira Temple Inside

Tantra is a way of worshipping the God and provides numerous ways to realize that universal truth.  Tantra also provides different procedures to use the powers of mantras got by worshipping a particular deity.  Usage of these powers to harm the other people is termed as Black Magic or Tantric Prayoga.  Pratyangira is mainly worshipped to remove the effects Black Magic.

Pratyangira Bhagavati Temple

Sri Yogavidananda has been practicing Tantra for many years and can easily find out if there are any Black Magic effects.  Also he can find out any problems in astrological birth charts.  He has also helped many people who were interested in practicing Tantra by initializing them into a Mantra (giving “Deeksha”).

Sri Yogavidananda

Contact Address:

Sri Yogavidananda

Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple

Shettinayakanahalli, Beerihundi Post

Gaddige Road, Mysore – 26

Phone: 9880546818 – 9342123976

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19 Responses to Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple – Mysore

  1. Kaladharan says:

    My life is very miserable. I am 47 years now and nothing acheived. Can I speak to you In Hindi

  2. Raghavendra says:

    i need some mantras and slokas of pratyangiradevi pls help me in this regard

  3. Ambika Mira says:

    Pratyangira Sadhana is not for all. Naga Kali is a form of Theyyam in Kerala. That cannot be Pratyangira Devi. Pratyangira Bjagawati is a Kerala style Bhadra Kali not Adharvana Bhadra Kali; resultant of theyyam expertise. If you want a real solution; a genuine guru is important.

  4. Ravi Prakash says:

    My wife has bees back.
    Three months back she had convulsions and she was admiytedsitalfor five days.
    Prior to that we had npticed blue spots on calf and thigh
    She had been seeing snakes.also suddenly she will dream pf falling from staircase and suddenenly wake up.
    We are Shirdi sai devotee and we had visited Shirdi ten days bacl to seek babas blessing .Can you help us.
    My wifes name is RASHMI PRAKASH, DOB 1Nov 1957,place pf birth Hazaribagh near Ranchi Jharlhand. Time of birth4.30 am.

  5. mohan says:

    plz take nice care of my mother… tell her m doing fine and ask her not to worry about me… i always want see her happy…..

  6. ramesh ghatge says:

    i want to see the swamiji very urjent , how to contect them pls. help us

  7. shakthi says:

    sir we got love maRriage my husband is a malayalee now i am having 5month female baby my mother in law family had made some black magic to us my husband hateing me and filed a drivorce i want my husband back kindly please help me

  8. C.Dhananjaya says:

    swamy namaskaram

  9. rahul says:

    all that will happen to you is , you will lose your hard earned money on the homa . this is my personal experience . guruji is nice till you perform the pooja , after that life remains the same and he fails to recognise u . better go to temples regularly and pray at home sincerely . light a lamp to god early in the morning and just before sunset say around between 5;45 to 6;15 . stay mentally strong . evrybody has to go through a rough time . so have patience and trust in the goddess almighty . kali and ganesha and krishna are the god s for kaliyuga. have total faith in them and you wont fail

  10. rahul says:

    and Ms / Parwathi Hegde , no offences ,but before you give the addresses of such places , take the opinion of some 90 people out of 100 who have benefitted , cause you are advising people who are facing a lot of problems in life and for them each penny is worth a million dollars .

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    Keep up the good writing.


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