Sri Sringeri Sharadha Peetham

Sringeri Sharadamba

“Hindu”  is an amazing religion which is the only one to offer myriad of gods to choose one of them as favorite deity.  Every form of god is specific to some kind of character.  For example, “Chamunda” is a female form of god which killed many demons whereas “Sharadamba or Saraswathi” is a form which bestows the power of fast learning.

Bharathiteertha Swamiji - SringeriSri Sringeri Sharadha Peetham hosts “Sharadamba” as the main deity.  Also, Sringeri is famous for its seers who are well versed in all the four Vedas and for their tough religious practices (katora sadhana), many of them became “Jeevanmuktas” (became liberated souls while living).  Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati was one of the seers of Sringeri who was titled as “Avadhoota Shikhamani” and used to be immersed completely in the universal truth. 

Sharadamba Temple - Sringeri

Sringeri is a very much famous pilgrimage center in Karnataka and is located amidst of beautiful sceneries in Western Ghats.  Holy River Tunga is flowing near the temple and adds serenity to the environment.   Sri Sharadamba is installed by Sri Sri Adi Shankaracharya.  Sringeri is near “Teerthahalli” and comes under Chikmagalur district.   Sringeri can be reached from Bangalore or Hubli via Shimoga and Teerthahalli, and from Mangalore via Karkala.

Vidya Shankara Temple

Visit “Guru Nivasa” to get the “Darshana” of the present seer Sri Sri Jagadguru Bharathi Tirtha Swamiji.  Also, we can walk around and see many other small temples, Veda Patashala (Veda School), Goshala (cattle shed), Gajashala (elephant stable), fishes in the river, and Nrisimha Bharati Yaga Mantapa.  Lunch and Dinner are provided in the Mutt everyday free of cost.  


How to reach:

From Bangalore – Reach Shimoga and go via Teerthahalli.   Distance around 350 Km.

From Mangalore – Via Karkala.  Distance around 105 Km.

Temple timings: Morning 5:30 to Night 9:00

For more information please visit:

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