Ambalpady Sri Mahakali Temple

Ambalpadi Mahakali

I visited Ambalpady Mahakali temple around three months ago but couldn’t post because of some personal reasons.  I heard this temple name around 10 years back in Hubli.  There in a hotel they had kept picture of the goddess to get rid of a spirit.  This temple is situated around 2-3 km from Udupi, Karnataka on NH-17.  Idol of goddess is big around 6 feet height.  In most of the temples where Shakti (mother goddess) is worshipped there Shiva is also worshipped but here in this temple premises another temple of Lakshmi Janardhan is also situated.  

Mahakali Temple Ambalpadi

The name Ambalpady is derived from Amba meaning mother and Padi meaning “Top of a hill” in local language Tulu.  One more specialty of this temple is “Oracle” where mother goddess talks to its devotees through a person called PATHRI.  This happens on every Friday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.  During this occasion personal problems of people are heard and provided solutions.

Lakshmi Janardhana AmbalpadiLakshmi Janardhan is the form of God Mahavishnu.  Most of the devotees visiting Mahakali temple also visit this temple.  I visited this temple in the morning hours and there were very less devotees in the premises.   In my opinion it is better to visit temples in the non-festive season as it will be less crowded.  We can have a better “Darshan” of the deity. 

Ambalpadi Mahakali Temple entranceSome of the Pooja done at Ambalpady temple are Theertha Snana, Kunkumarchane, Panchamrutha Abhisheka, Saptashati Parayana, Chandika Homa, Raksha Yantra, Mahapooja, etc.

Ambalpadi Mahakali Temple

How to reach:

Nearest Railway Station: Udupi.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore.

By Bus: Reach Udupi and ask anybody about Ambalpady you will get the directions to reach the temple.

Udupi is on NH-17 around 1 hour journey from Mangalore.

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47 Responses to Ambalpady Sri Mahakali Temple

  1. Anuradha says:

    Nice infotrmation. Can i get the phone no of Sri Ballal.

  2. molly anandan says:


  3. keshavamurthy.B.K says:

    nice information
    i want to visit once
    pl share eny information

  4. A warm cool place with green sourroundings near the udupi Sri Mahakali and Sri Lakshmi janardana temple I have visited several times found our family wishes are fullfilled on a sincier prayer to God a powerfull godess .

  5. it is nice place
    i can belive the god

  6. anitha says:

    it is really nice place and the i too believe

  7. anitha says:

    Can i get the phone no of Sri Ballal. and can we ask any sug. over the phone

  8. anitha says:

    Can i get the phone no of Sri Ballal.

  9. Poornima says:

    I have lot of problems in my life… I m scared that I may fall to depression… I m from Bangalore… recently one old lady came in my bus an sat next to me and told me to visit this temple all my tensions would be cleared…It was quite shocking for me… how she knows I m in problem…. I want to go… kindly help me.. pray for me…

    • anitha says:

      hai poornima
      you visit this temple really ue problems will be solved

    • sudhir says:

      ms poornima , the locals say that goddess comes in the form of an old lady which many believe to have seen . but maybe yor lucky that the old lady spoke to you . maybe an old lady who spoke seein yor worried face or maybe the goddess herself . so please visit and pray with a sincere heart . you may face problems but goddess will not let you down till yor problems eases out

  10. ArunaSarasChandra says:

    Hi this is Aruna,
    yearly once my dad send money order to this temple.He was expired 2 years back i d’t knw how to continue this process in our life.Can any one please suggest me how can i send money order to this temple.


  11. Adi Myagoti says:

    Exactly Ms. Poornima, I too strongly feel that the lady sitting beside you in the bus was the form of the Goddess who was inviting you to the temple for your worries to be settled down.. Very few people in this world has this luck in their destiny.. Please visit the temple.. Your problems will be solved for sure..

  12. geetha says:

    how can i book for chandika homa

  13. janardhana says:

    yes every body is right me from that place only .its a great place to sea ……..

  14. Shilpa says:

    I would like to call Ballal too, is this the priest?

  15. vijay says:

    ma name is vijay im suffering from fitts can i get cured…!!!please suggest

  16. Hi friends.
    i am from dharwad i wanted to visit the temple please tell me the direction from udupi. how to reach there

    thanks regards

  17. mahakali is powerfull god

  18. powerfull mahakali god with maranakate bhramlingeswr powrfull god

  19. cal me powerfull mahakali god with janaradana my numbr 9741975348

  20. MANASA says:

    Really its true AMMA always with us.

  21. devi says:

    I visited the temple. As soon as I saw the kali devi I felt so happy. I hope even my problems will solve within no time I believe.

  22. Manjula says:

    I visited this place ,and its a nice place .The statue of the Goddess is marvelous.I felt very happy when i visited there.I hope all my difficulties will come to an end by the grace of God.

  23. g s prashanth belliraya says:

    hi you visit this temple really ue problems will be solved its my pramis

    • manu br says:

      Prashant me n my mother are suffering from one or the other health problems all the time,n my I m suffering frm mental deppression frm 2yrs,it will b cures to an extent na,if I go to tis temple.

      • Malathi says:

        Please visit with full belief and you will be blessed as Mother Mahakali can read your mind.

  24. Keerti Kasturi says:

    Ms ArunaSarasChandra Kindly find the address of temple and also number, call them and ask how to send money they will assist you..SRI JANARDHANA TEMPLE

    AMBALPADY, UDUPI – 576 103
    Karnataka, India
    Tel: +91 820 2520871

  25. sheethal shetty says:

    I belive mahakali more than anything in this world. Do believe her all your problems will vanish.

    • manu br says:

      Sheetal I m having many problems mental depression. N all the me n my mother are suffering frm one or the other health problms,it wiill be cured by blessing of tayi mahakali temple if I go to tis temple.

  26. nalini s b. says:

    i want to visit the temple want toknow if we come there is there accomadation to stay for 1 or 2 days i have many problems hope mother goddess will hear my prayer and solve my problems lot of faithful pranam to devi amma

  27. nisha says:


    I am facing a lot of problem in my life. need a child. unable to concieve will going there solve my problem

  28. manu br says:

    Nisha pls visit Sri amrutheshwai temple kota 26km frm Udupi,many childless couple hav been conceived

  29. manu br says:

    N tis s a very very imp genuine temple fr ur problem.

  30. kumar says:

    Iam planning to start a company but unfortunately lots of obstacles .iam fed up this . God help me

  31. Shilpa says:

    Is there any email id I can use to write to the priest. Is there any priest you would suggest I call? I do not live in India. It would be very helpful, if you can give me these information.

    Thanks a lot,

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