Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple

Sigandhur Chowdeshwari

Worshipping all-pervading divinity as “Mother” is a very ancient tradition in India.  That is the reason why we can find lots of temples of divine mother around India.  Mother is worshipped in different feminine forms such as Kali, Marikamba, Durga, Amba Bhavani, Rajarajeshwari, Mookambika, Annapoorneshwari, Sharadamba, Chowdeshwari, Mahalaxmi, etc and many more.  In many of the temples she does miracles by bestowing her devotees with unbelievable boons.  Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari is one such temple where mother Chowdeshwari listens to the humble prayers of the devotees and showers them with blessings.

Sigandur TempleSri Sigandhur Chowdeshwari Temple is situated in a small village called Sigandur 35 km away from “Sagar” town, Shimoga district in Karnataka State of India.  Mother goddess here is also called as “Sigandureshwari” because of the name of the place “Sigandur”.  This sacred place has around 300 years of history.  It is said that once upon a time a person called Sheshappa went for hunting in Jungles near Sigandur and lost inside the jungles.  When he was resting below a tree, mother came into his dream and asked him to build a temple for her.  He went and told his experience to a Brahmin “Duggajja” in his village.  Both of them finally built a temple and Duggajja became the priest of the temple and Sheshappa became the Managing Trustee.

Sigandhur - barge on WaterLot of people with land dispute as well as people who lost their valuables reach Sigandur for solution.  According to some sources it is said that more than 20,000 such cases have been solved here.  People who want to safeguard their land from the thieves should get a board from the temple which says “Shri deviya rakshane ide (this means the land is safeguarded by the mother)” and keep this board near the land.

Sigandhur - Barge on waterSigandur is surrounded by the backwaters of Linganamakki reservoir turning this into an Island.  There are two barges which carry vehicles as well as people from one shore to other.  Every hour private busses are there from Sagar to Sigandur.   It takes around one and a half hour to reach Sigandur from Sagar.

Sigandur - Bhoota SthanaAbove is the picture of the Bhoota Sthana in Sigandur.  It is said that Sri Veerabhadra in this Bhootada katte is taking care of security of Sigandhur.

Sigandhur - Barge

Distances to different places from Sigandur (in km):

  • Sagar – 35
  • Kollur – 58
  • Hosanagar – 70
  • Varadapura – 41
  • Horanadu – 180
  • Murdeshwara – 120
  • Shringeri – 200
  • Jog falls – 61
  • Bhatkal – 90
  • Shimoga – 105
  • Sirsi – 155
  • Bangalore – 421
  • Udupi – 120
  • Mysore – 434
  • Kundapura – 82
  • Dharmasthala – 220


Sri Chowdeshwari Temple – Sigandur

Kalasavalli, Post Tumari

Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District – Karnataka, India

Phone: 08186-245088 (Managing Trustee) , 08186-245114 (Pradhana Archakaru)


Morning: 4:30 to 7:00 and 9:00 to 2:00

Evening: 4:00 to 7:00 (only darshan – no pooja)

How to reach:

By bus: Reach Sagar (Shimoga district, Karnataka).  From Sagar take a bus to Sigandur.

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147 Responses to Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple

  1. Mahesh says:

    Great information Parwathi…

    • maruthi says:

      Really it’s very amazing temple in karnataka sigandooru chowdeswari thayee nabidorna kai bidalla nange tumba olledagide nan jeevanada prathi dina a thayee nenpu hage irutte samasye inda Jeevanadalli tumba nondiroru 1 sari thayee Darshana madi kasta kalkoli

  2. Prashant lamani says:

    Thanks for d helps to everyone.

  3. vinutha says:

    Ur inf is correct but u hve fore forgotten 2 mention abt Sani

  4. yellappa reddy says:

    i had visited recently to this temple on 08.10.2011, we reached the temple at night at 7.30, we could able to take darshan and infact, we could not stay, if any body want to visit the temple please carry eatables, of course there is only one hotel is available you will get rice samber, idly, uppittu. better to carry some eatable when especially kids are with you

  5. Pallavi Shetty says:

    Realy i am greatful for you information, after reading all these i want to visit these place once,and realy Maa Chowdeshwari is very powerful goddess.
    Thanks for all these information.

  6. MOHAN RAO says:

    As we all know Maa chowdeshwari & all other godess by different names is one & the same but her blessings towards her devotees or it may be towards her childrens is always a miserable i have never been to this place i have heard a lot abt it when the rite time comes or i may get a cal from maa no such power can stop anybody to go to her & visit her hope till now i dint get the cal i may get any moment the cal i will be ready to go…..& have the blessings of MAA

  7. rashmi says:

    All the information regarding the temple and the stay are really informative , but it would be truly appreciative if anybody would get the story of the Goddess of Chowdeshwari.It would make the people more filled with bhakthi while visiting the temple.

    • Chowdeshwari devotee says:

      Goddess Chowdeshwari or Chowdi is an aspect of guardian deity. According to legends it said that she has taken birth from lord shiva’s hair and said to be sister of veerbhadra swamy. The goddess in scriptures is depicted as a tall woman dark complexioned with long hair mattress and two sharp teeth and looks fearsome….She has capability to do both good and bad according to deeds what people do. Prominently Chowdeshwari worship is seen only in karnataka and Andhra Pradesh but very less in Tamil Nadu or Kerala. The Goddess is said to take care of village from calamities and it is said in villages that one should not go to chowdeshwari temple after 8 pm in night as the goddess is said to roam around the surroundings of temple and its very dangerous.

  8. soumya says:

    `hi everybody i want to say everybody that there is a stay called sigandur island stay just 4kms from sigandur in a village called tumari in the main road with hot water facilities with 4 cottages each capacity of 10people well managed by village people and u get food which would be hot an d fresh so please contact manjunath —-9844222206 for details

  9. soumya says:

    one more thing u should book it prior for the cottage and they organise water sports also and trekking

  10. Nagesh says:

    Really it was an very good information for any one who is travelling for first time.

  11. hemanth kumar says:

    I had visited sigandur chowdeshwari and had darshan and blessings of her she is a powerful goddess and if believed and kept faith she fulfills all our reasonable desires that is for sure

  12. deepu says:

    maa is very powerful god .if any problem u have means just go to maa and ask maa will fulfill that problem. im telling u bcoz this is my expresince .belive maa sigandur chowdeshwari maa will fulfill all ur problems just belive maa chowdeshwari

    • shilpa says:

      Amma naanu ninna nambiddeane… Nanna Kaye eade thaye… P heart nallie nann meale mathu nammha maghu meale pretirumbi karkond ba nann amma… Amma nanna nenna maghalagi swekarisu thaye… Heeee week ollage avrnna nannathra karkond ba nann thaye… Religious issues na nasha Madhu avr thale indha.. Namm ebbarannu nenna mskhlagi Madhu amma.. Nange yava devru Saha kay eddithilla… Nenu nann husband na heart nallie.. Preeti tumbi karkond ba amma… Naanu mathe namma 7 thingala maghu kaythaeddivi… Nange divorce Beda… Avrnna karkond baa amma

  13. deepu says:

    maa chowdeshwari will help u all just u must belive maa hastay .till my death i will visit maa chowdeshwari maa give me power to visit always without any problem amma chowdeshwari

  14. R.M.Hegde Kumta says:

    After reading information about temple and photos I am very much eager to visit Sigandur and get Darshana of mahamathe Choudeshwari. Thanq sir.

  15. I am very much thankful to you for giving information about Sigandur and how to reach etc.Now I have decided to visit Sigandur as early as possible and get Darshana of Choudeshwari.

    • hi friends can u tell me hw much km bangalore to sigandur and we r going to my own vehicle its better or bus and one more we are leave nite at 10pm its better ha pls tell me anybody

      • Hi,

        You can definitely go by your own vehicle…reach Sagar and then ask for route…

      • rashmi says:

        if u have own vehicle , they take by boat along with your vehicle, times for boat morning 6am to 6pm, every hour you get boat, here no difference b/w own vehicle or bus..they take 1 rs. per head

      • Srinath.S says:

        Heloo rudresh u beter to travell by own and total km for one way is 421 Kms

  16. Ganesh Prasad says:

    I have been to the temple few times. Very powerful Goddess (from my experience). You can reach the place either via Sagar or via Kollur. I have taken both routes and both are equally good.

  17. 99012198 says:

    guidelines are very nice,,,,,

  18. SREE says:


  19. ramesh m.r says:

    hi ,anybody can guide me to a temple where bala saraswathi godess is worshiped in shimoga district?name of the place may recemble bush,forest,pig etc.

  20. kabbaldevotee says:

    This is a very powerful devi who punishes wrong doers very quuickly……..I have my own experience

  21. Mallikarjun says:

    Hi everybody …it awesome collected history …i used to go very often to siganduru sri the road is very good and if you take your own vehicle it takes not even 1and half hour from sager.. Including me we all are keep going and taking the BLESSING from mother sri choudeswari ..

  22. lalitha says:

    thanks for information,i kindly request thaeee chowdeshwari to fullfill my dreams

  23. krishna gs says:

    can any body tell me if there are more ups and downs in the road of an good or not can anybody suggest me if we can go by own vehicle or by bus

  24. Mala says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks a ton! for all the info shared… about sigandur.

    Can you please help me with contact detials on sigandur island stay. I’m planning to visit in June 2nd Week, 2012.

    Thanks in advance!

  25. shobha says:

    Thanks to all infermation

    • amit s says:

      chowdeshwari amma nodhedhmele ganapati bhatt na meet madi avaru just 1km far alli edhare mathe avarige apara shakti edhe sumne one sari visit kodi nimge gothaguthe…

    • amit s says:

      ganapati bhatt ru nam bavishya helthare mathe nav amman athra yavadadru arake othedhu thirsdale marethu odhre nenapusthare

    • Mamatha mani says:

      It’s helpfull to public to reach Sigandur Sri Chowdeshwari Temple without any problem Thanks for the information provided Om Sri Chowdeshwari Devi Namaha…….

  26. Papu says:

    Realy Amma thumbani Great, yake gotta nanage alli hogi thumba santosh vagithu, nanu yavude nirdara togoluvammuna singandur amman hatra heli amele dicisona togoteni********

  27. Veeresh says:

    Tayi chowdeshwari darshan namma mane avarige ella ondu hosa chilume tanditu. Bahal tondare anubavisida nam family ge ella ritiyinda olleyadu aytu, navu amma darshan padeda nantara, ellaru darshan padeyiri, alli place tumba chennagide.

  28. KrishnaRaj says:

    Thanks a lot for your information and we got all…

  29. poonam says:

    Hi all, I am aware about the power of amma chowdeshwari maa I will diffinitely visit once my wish will fulfil as I am her daughter and want my husband to be mine and only mine and I dont want any body’s saaya on my husband and she has my children vaasta that my family should be happy ever

  30. hemaraghu says:

    very nice i like very much this temple and amma chowdeshwari

  31. manjunath says:

    sigandur island homestay contact dayalu 9844222206

  32. Ambika Mira says:

    Gorgeous Devi amma recommended by all.

  33. Vinod says:

    Sigandur shri chowdeshwari devi ge nanna namaskaragalu
    amma thayi neena dharshankke badde barutini,nanna kastagalannu swalpa adru doora madu amma. Kelasadalli kelasa madida phala sigutilla, saala jaasti agide, maneyalli nemmadi ella. Yallara mundhe nistura agtide. Evugalali swalpa adru kasta paaru madu neenna sannidhanakke bandu hoguve thayi. Neenu yallarigu rakshane madida hage nanagu maduve yendu nambidene. Naanu thapu madiddare kshamisu thayi dayavittu e magannu kaapadu he amma.

  34. Vinod says:

    Pls help me sri sigandu chowdeshwari maa

  35. Anitha.D says:

    I want “Shri deviya rakshane ide ” board by the mother Chowdeshwari. Is it possible to send to my address at Bangalore

  36. vinod says:

    maa raksha karo maa chowdeshwari maata me tere sannidhi may avonga tera dharshan karonga aab tu mere haal tum jante ho, har kaam may meri tu haar horahi hai, pehle tu kaam dikh se nahi hai kharaj tu bhahot hai har insaan se be gaali kharahaho pls moje raksha karo maa devi ,tum ne tu bhahut logoku raksha kiya hai moje be raksha karo maata. may jobi kalati ki woh tu maaf karo akir may be tumara beta ho maata.tumare shakti may be jaanta ho vahi bharosa app may main be chanta ho.

  37. Nithin says:

    Please anyone can help me in getting contact No of the Temple or any homestay

  38. Dileep says:

    Thanks to your’s information

  39. jaiwant bhandari says:


  40. kumar naik says:

    nice tourist place shri sigandur chamundeshwari temple

  41. shivakumar says:

    Sigandur is one of the beautiful place in shimoga and Lord chowdeshwari temple is good located in forest but roads is little problem from sagar to sigandur

  42. Guru Das says:

    Nothing to worry about the travelling plan, It is all mentioned above and it is correct. I did not feel any trouble going there, i got darshanan of tayyi Sigandureshwari, SHANESHWARA Swami and Rakteshwari.
    I got good results with gods grace.


  44. Nagaraja bahaddurgatti says:

    very good experiance in one of the good plase and big power full god

  45. Soma Dutta says:

    Its very powerful temple and Harld it will take 1 &1/2 hr from can stay there in temple @night and main puja will start at 3AM and will finish by 4.30.carry some food as there is only one small hotel.

  46. umashankar.ts says:

    Hi, I am very much impressed by the info given, but i want know which is the best time ti visit Maa

  47. vijay kumar m says:

    vijay kumar……this is a very power full place….sri chowdeshwari also great god…..tha bouting travel also very good….pleas visit here..god bless you……..

  48. Neetha naveen says:

    om sri sigandur choudeshwari namah.nanu naveen.nanu chithra anno ondu bada hudugina sumaru 7 varshadinda ishta padtha idini.namma preethige avara maneyinda sammati dorakide.aadare namma maneyinda tumba adetadegalu.namma maneyavaru kuda adashtu bega voppikolli anta nanna prarthane.november 15ra volagade nange avara mana volisi nammibbara maduvege anavu madikodu.thayi ninnane nambiruve,(naveen,jesta nakshatra,vrashchika rashi)(chithra,revathi nakshatra,meena rashi)

  49. Sujaya says:

    My parents and I wish to travel to this place, we live in Bangalore currently. Can anyone suggest the best way to get there ? Train ? Bus? or own vehicle? I know I need to get to shimoga and then to the temple but dont know which is the best means of travel .

  50. sagar says:

    thanks for the information….it helped me a lot..:)

  51. asdl;jas says:

    thanks dude

  52. pavan says:

    thanks for information

  53. SULATHA says:


  54. Deepika says:

    Amma Sigandhur Chowdeshwari devi nanu karuninchamma. .nee darshananiki anumati ivvamma. Amma bharath tho na pelli jaripinchamma.amma yee case compromise ayi, valla amma nannaki nato pelliki oppinchamma. .na exams ayaka nee darshananiki vastanamma. .

  55. Deepika says:

    Amma Sigandhur Chowdeshwari devi nanu karuninchamma. .nee darshananiki anumati ivvamma. Amma bharath tho na pelli jaripinchamma.amma yee case compromise ayi, valla amma nannaki nato pelliki oppinchamma. .na exams ayaka nee darshananiki vastanamma. .amma,nee darshananiki vachina valla korikalu teeratayata.nanu kuda karuninchamma.

  56. Kala says:

    Hi All, most of them have given good info about the temple, one more query from my temple provide food for devotees as we get in Dharmasthala or kollur etc.

  57. lakshmi says:

    sri chowdeshwari amma pls bless and the all cases and give me a strenth and give the willpower
    you are realy very powerfull god to my family and life please give the blessing to the all my family member one time i have to begget to you give the finance problem was little cleared pls always give all types problem my family member facing pls help me all my family member sernder in your foot i hope all problem was cleared, thankyou amma

  58. lakshmi says:

    “Mother”Kali, Marikamba, Durga, Amba Bhavani, Rajarajeshwari, Mookambika, Annapoorneshwari, Sharadamba, Chowdeshwari, Mahalaxmi,Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari is one such temple where mother Chowdeshwari listens to the humble prayers of the devotees and showers them with blessings. i hope today onward all problems was cleared pls pls pls Amma blessing to my family , i have no person will help all the people and relative take advantage and seeing like theif i and my family was not given any person to troble, pls give blessing to my family

  59. Chinna says:

    Very buetifull piligram place u see and enjoy

  60. Ranganath says:

    thanks for information. Chowdeshwari amma is very powerful god.

  61. prasanna says:

    Thanks to information this beautiful nature & lovely god

  62. My husband &children have visited Sigandur.They told me about nature surrounded by this place is very beautiful&goddess Chowdeshwari temple is there. Eager to sight at this place,I have glanced through net.

  63. lakshmi says:

    Amma sigandure chowdeswari devi pls help me save the my rental family i and my family facing legal problem, people problem save all the family pls amma you are a powerfull goods you prove it amma shatru nashini dhushta nashini

  64. lakshmi says:

    amma kapadu dayamadi namma manayanu rakshisu namanu nambiruva janarannu kappadu ellariku olliya buthiyanu karunisu pls help me only 2 day monday will give the good news to all members pls help me save me to all in your blessing

  65. Shiva Kumar H says:

    Great Mother Chaudeshwari…Now we have the accommodation provided by the temple management , a lodge has been newly constructed and available for public now, its queit good accommodation with attached bath room and they are planning to provide some more facilities soon, the lodge contact number is 08186-210522, the first pooja will be at 3 a.m till 5 a.m. after that the temple will be closed and will be reopend at 8 a.m……

  66. Renuka says:

    Thanks for all the information. Please sugest any good hotel at sagara to stay, so that we can visit Sigadhur Chowdeshwari Temple at get Maata Blessings. Renuka

  67. Sandhya says:

    Have heard people telling about Maa Chaudeshwari’s powers that she will listen to the humble prayers of her kids and resolves. Wish to visit chaudeshwari temple at Sigandur at the earliest. Hope maa calls me soon.

  68. prasad reddy says:

    what is the best season for visiting sigandur Mahamaathe choudeswari

  69. nithin naveen kumar says:

    Thank god for giving such an opportunity to visit a sacred place like Sigandhur.One of the Greatest sacred places ever to visit

  70. sankar says:

    It is better to go by bus rather than the bus and the safety is assured

  71. Rajachar says:

    Hi Everybody,
    After reading all the above comments I am eager to visit Sigandur along with my family to have the blessings of mata chowdeshwari. I pray mata to give me an opportunity to visit her place soon and get the blessings of mata.
    Thanks to Parwathi Hegde for guidelines.

  72. VIJAYA KUMAR T.K. says:

    If any one wants to go to choudeshwari temple in sigandure please contact for any information regurding traver, accomdation ,etc vijaya kumar t.k

  73. VIJAYA KUMAR T.K. says:

    If any one wants to go to choudeshwari temple in sigandure please contact for any information regurding traver, accomdation ,etc vijaya kumar t.k PH +91 9845292795

  74. Krishna Challakere says:

    Very power ful Maa

  75. dinesh.v says:

    nice place and very good nature

  76. Ravikumar says:

    power full god beauty full place

  77. Ravikumar says:


  78. Roopa says:

    amma sigandur chowdeshwari thayi nimage pranamagallu nanna thappannu kshamisi nanna attheya maneyavaru nanninda nanna gandanannu dooramadalu kayuthidare devi edakkella parihara neene kokabekamma nanna thavaru maneya kastagalannu parihara maadi nammannu ninna stanakke karesiko thayi nanna gandanige dudiyalu manasannu neeve kodabekamma aadastu begane nammannu ninna stanakke karesikolamma

  79. Roopa says:

    amma neenu ondu hennu ennondu hennige mosa maduthiruvavarige neene shikshe kodabeku thayi nannagu aase ede nanna athe maava nadini antha adare avarige ellammma nanna samsara hodeyuvudakke noduthidare thayi neene avarige olleya buddiyannu kodabeku

  80. Roopa says:


  81. swapna says:

    nanna gandaninda nannannu doora maduthiruvavarnnu kapadu avarige olleya buddi kodu

  82. swapna says:

    amma thayi namo namaha amma nanna gandana thaleyannu kedisi avanannu aalu maaduthidare aa huduganige olleya buddi kottu kapadu helike maathugalannu kelade eruva haage ollleya buddi kodu thayi yaaru yanu helidaru kelade nanna mele manassaguvanthe madu thayi namma kastagalannu parihara maadu thayi amele bandu nimma dharshanavannu madutheve

  83. swapna says:

    Thursday aguva theermaanadalli balaka nannavanaguvanthe madamma

  84. ravee says:

    The timings of the last ferry from sigandur is 6.30 p.m. people traveling towards sagar . Visited temple on 3rd June 2013.

  85. swapna says:

    amma thayi jaganmathe nanna gandanige nanna mele prithiye elladange agide thayi neene avarige olleya buddiyannu kottu nanna mele prithi baruva hage madabekamma namma mele modalidda prithi mathe avarige baruvanthe madamma neenu ondu hennamma nanna kastagalannu artamadiko thayi
    nammannu kaibidabeda yaro bandu ninnalli nanage kettadannu madu andu kelidare nimagu manassu annuvudu ede thayi olleyadu kettadannu parisheelisamma thayi

  86. roopa says:

    namma pakkada maneya aunty kastagalannu parihara madu thayi avaru thumba kastadallidare amma avarigu olleyadannu madamma ninna nambidavarigella neenu olleyadannu maduthiya endu ellaru helluthare adare neenu ninnannu nambidastu hechage parikshe maduthiyalla yakamma namage nammthandeya maneyavarige mathu pakkaada maneya aunty yavarig olleyadnnu madammakastagalannu kodabeda thayi eega kottiruva kastagale sakamma, nimmaaa padakke shirabhagi namskarisuvenamma

  87. ravi says:

    If sinner apologize before her with faith and intention to transform then really she forgives and show a good path in their life, it is my personal experience.

  88. Jaiwant says:

    I m jaiwant from goa actually at my native place is dareshwar kumata at my house there is not well at house at house we stay in goa giving us trouble given by bhoot, chavadi, mahru, giving trouble 2 my house in goa pls save my family chawaeshwari amma

  89. subramanya.v.r says:

    siganduru tempal is very good pleas

  90. venkatesh kamath says:

    i want to visit sigandhhor. thanks for information.

  91. says:

    Thank you very much…..Very Useful Information………………

  92. Dr. C. D. Satish says:

    It is a nice experience to visit Siganduru. Linganamakki back water reservoir cross by Ferry is amazing. Sri Sigandhur Chowdeshwari Temple is situated in a small village with full of greenery. If any one miss to see, they loss more.

  93. venu m says:

    Thanks for your information
    …u make our trip so easy………

  94. naveen says:

    Love you Amma. Thanks for giving everything. Luv u

  95. Soumya says:

    Self satisfaction is very much important . If you really need that you should do the outings with independence… Life span is too long for me but if you miss places like this then it becomes too short.. Happiness is important.Pls visit and enjoy

  96. C V Vijaya Bhaskar says:

    I believe strongly the god and few of my problems solved at a faster speed and still i continue to believe for ever. Vijaya Bhaskar

  97. satish r says:

    hi I am planning to visit will write more once visited ….

  98. keshav says:

    gud information,,,,gud place,,,’

  99. madevi says:

    sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadike saranye trayambaki devi shree chowdeshwari namaha amma yella problemgalu clear agotara madamma bega transfer madkodamma karwarkkadru parwagillama amma mane katta bekantha edvi adnu bega nerversama amma ninna magalu yen kelidru ella anta helilla evaglu hage yella nadiskodamma yavaglu ninge chiraruniyagirtinamma

  100. madevi says:

    amma thayi nan ansgondiddela nadiskodamma

  101. manjula says:

    PleaseBlessing me

  102. Rajkumar says:

    thanks for your information.
    how to reach from sagar to kollur via Holebaagilu and Sigandur???
    is there any direct bus from sagar to kollur or sagar to sigandur and then sigandur to kollur???
    if we take the bus from sagar will the bus boarded on barge? how the bus cross the waters??!
    please tell me the bus timings from sagar and how frequent are they? first bus in the morning? how long will it take to reach sigandur from sagar? also from sigandur to kollur?
    is buses available for kollur from sigandur? how frequent are they??

    • sagar says:

      1)sigandur island homestay contact dayalu 9844222206. 2) If any one wants to go to choudeshwari temple in sigandure please contact for any information regurding traver, accomdation ,etc vijaya kumar t.k PH +91 9845292795

  103. mallikarjuna hb says:

    can anybody help me about stay in sighandhur? plz plz plz

  104. Neeraj says:

    Hi this is neeraj please if anybody knows mr. Ganapathi Bhatt contact no.(famous Astrologer) in sigandhur pls mail to my id

  105. Sadashiv Hegde says:

    I have visited Siganduru along with my family. I started from Kumta and reached Siganduru via Bhatkal and Kogar ghat. I must warn ppl about taking this road.

    From Kumta total distance was about 150 KM. Until Bhatkal border road is super. Once the Shimoga district (Sagar Taluk) starts, road condition is “PATHETIC”

    I drove swift and could not cross 30KM/hour speed until the diversion to Siganduru near Kogaru. Later also road is not great. From Kogaru, Siganduru is 46KM. Out of that 46 KM, probably 20KM road is good.

    From Bhatkal, Siganduru is 91 KM. Out of this 91 KM, probably 35 KM is good. Rest of the travel is miserable.

    I felt that government did not put tar in last 20-30 years in these region.

    Shame on politicians who leave those local people suffer every day.
    I pray god to punish these people.

    I recommend, even though it is far, better go from Sagar. (I heard from Sagar, the road is good. It is about 35-40KM from Sagar). Only problem from Sagar is that you have to wait for your turn to get into a Boat (along with your vehicle) to reach Siganduru.

  106. jayashree says:

    Amma thaye, naale moushi maneya paparsna result bartha idhe. Dhayavittu amma adhu success aguvanthe madi kottu, maneyannu nyaayayuthavaagi sale maadi kodamma. Idharindha namage yaavudhe reethiya mosavagadha haage kaapadu. Mane maaridha hannadhinda Raju mathu Chandrashekharge mane sikki namma hanna namage siguvanthe maadu. Amma Ninnanne Nambiddeevi thayee. Olleya resultannu kodamma. Ammmmaaaaaaaa sigandhuru chowdeshariye kaapaadu. Namma shathrugallnnu namma hathira maathadisammaaaaaa

  107. thabbaligalu says:

    amma nanage thumba novaguthide, nanna ganda thumba kettavanu, avana kettathana sahisalu sadya illa, dayavittu nammannu kapadu amma nanna gandanindha ellarigu novu himse avanige olle buddi kodu thayi kalidasanige aashirvada madidha hage nanna gandanigu aashirvada madi olle buddi kodu amma. appa amma yaru illada namage devarugale dikku thane neeve namma kai bittare namage savondhe dhari amma ee dhina rathriye namma kashtada dinagalu hogi santhoshada dinagalu barali nanna gandanige olle buddi kodu amma thumba nondhiruve dayavittu dayavittu kapadu namma ella samasyegalu solve aada koodale ninna darshanakke barutheve. kapadu amma

  108. G.KRISHNA MURTHY says:

    amma nanna makkalige olle vidya buddi kottu kapadu amma

  109. Bhavana says:

    Hi, me & my friends are planning to visit Sigandur Temple in mid of August’14, is this the right time to visit and guide me with near by places as well.

  110. Tayi amma yavagalu nanna jotelli iramma.amma nanna makkalige olle vidya buddi kottu kapadu amma

  111. Kala says:

    All have posted gud info abt the temple. Thanks We were planning to go to sigandur temple from past 18 months bt we could nt go nw again we have decided to go in the month of nov 14,at last i hope the time has cum to have darshan of amma. chowdeshwari.wil post more after having darshan. Thanks

  112. Kala says:

    Hi All,thanks for the info

  113. divya says:

    Hi guys,

    There is new lodging facility opened in tumari village near sigandhur. It provides lodging and also there is restaurant which serves pure vegetarian food. You can reach out to hari +919480704604 for booking your stay

  114. Bala says:

    Blessed to visit this Powerful God Chowdeshwari during Deepavali week….the Launch being run by Ports Ministry to the Island is very pleasant and cheap too….the pick up from the other shore to the temple is bit crowded…otherwise very pleasant visit

  115. kusuma says:

    amma sigandureshwari nanna manasinalliro bedike yanna neraverisamma nanna ammu(Ravi) nannanne madve ago hage madamma thayi idakke yava addi nu barada hage madamma thaye nanage mangalya bhagya needamma ninna darshanakke kadhiruve amma kapadu thaye chowdeshwari amma

  116. kusumaammu says:

    Amma ninna parikshe sakamma nanu thappu madidre kshamisamma nanna onti madbeda amma nanna ammu(Ravi) nannanne madve hago hage madamma idakke yava addi barada hage madamma amma sigandureshwari thaye nanage mangalya bhagya needamma ninna sevege sada siddalagiruthenamma ninna darshana bhagya needamma nanu kadhiruve amma nanna mele karune thoramma

  117. prakash.A says:

    Sigandur chowdeshwari thayi is great and very powerful pls have a visit

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