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Bhoo Varahanath Swamy Temple

In India it is a common notion that the gods in temples fulfill every desires of human being. Because of this reason we can find lot of rich temples in India. Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara temple is one of them. For … Continue reading

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Belur and Halebeedu Temples

Belur and Halebeedu are taluk centres in Hassan district of Karnataka, India having the magnificent temples of Sri Chennakesava and Shiva temples (Hoysaleswara and Shantaleshwara). Without the guide it will definitely be very difficult to understand the intricate sculptures in … Continue reading

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Sri Marikamba Temple, Sirsi

Many times whenever I said, my native place is near Sirsi the question I got back is “Is it the town which has Sri Marikamba Temple?” Sirsi has become a synonym for Sri Marikamba temple.   Sri Marikamba As soon … Continue reading

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Trip to Calicut

We went to Kozhikode on the event of a marriage which was in the nearby city called Vadakara. It was in the month of August hence still raining Calicut. We booked a room in Hotel Marina Residency for two days. … Continue reading

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Shri Siddivinayaka Temple, Chandaguli (Ghante Ganesha)

Have you seen anybody in this world without problems? One might be having lot of money but suffering from some kind of “health issue”, other might be feeling sad because of “no children”.  So, what the people do for these … Continue reading

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Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple

Worshipping all-pervading divinity as “Mother” is a very ancient tradition in India.  That is the reason why we can find lots of temples of divine mother around India.  Mother is worshipped in different feminine forms such as Kali, Marikamba, Durga, … Continue reading

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Jog Falls

  Jog Falls is considered as one of the highest waterfalls in India where the River Sharavathi falls from a height of 292 meter. During rainy season the place gets covered by the fog every now and then. I have … Continue reading

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Sri Shanimahathma Temple – Chikka Madhure

Shani Mantra:  Suryaputhro Deerghadeho Vishaalaakshaha Shivapriyaha| Mandachaaraha Prasannathma Peedam Harathu Me Shanihi|| This temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Deva.  Temple is located at a place called “Chikka Madhure”14 km away from “Nelamangala” on Nelamangala to Doddaballapur Road.  Shani is … Continue reading

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Shree Parshwa – Labdhi Jain Tirth Dham

This is a beautiful Jain temple located on Tumkur – Bangalore Road near Nelamangala.  I visited only few Jain temples.  Jain temples, Gods / Goddesses, rituals, pooja systems resemble Hindu religion in many ways.   As I have seen on their … Continue reading

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Shree Kabbalamma Temple – Kabbalu

Sri Kabbalamma Temple is situated in a village called Kabbalu in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara district, Karnataka.  TV9 has broadcasted the story of this temple in its “Heegu Unte” program.  Since then a lot of people outside the nearby villages came … Continue reading

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